#BeInspired| Find Your Motivation

What keeps you motivated when you wake up in the morning? There is a great possibility that in this life that we live in, we can easily lose motivation in the very things that we love—due to the many challenges we face along the way. I can compare life to a roller coaster—it has its ups, downs, twists and turns, but at the end of the roller coaster everything comes to a stand still.

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#BeInspired| The Secret to Living A Rich Life

There is a saying that the graveyard is the richest place on earth because there you will find the world’s greatest treasures; unwritten books, unsung songs and phenomenal ideas all buried with those who weren’t brave enough to give their gifts while they were alive. It is this sobering thought that keeps me motivated to share my gifts in whatever way I can. I have found this practice to be very rewarding which lead me to writing this article about how giving is the secret sauce to living a rich life. Today I yearn for it out of lack. As our lives become richer by giving we learn how to receive. It is a simple concept but many of us do not know how to receive and that is because we often see ourselves as not having any value. But, as we take the quantum leap and live by giving we debunk our feelings of unworthiness and begin to feel worthy of the great gifts we receive in return for our kindness. Click here to accept your gifts from me.

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#BeInspired| Love – An Individual Journey


How do you love yourself? That was a question posed to me recently. It was a question I had to think long and hard about.

Before I answered, I had to break it down into – How can I love myself?

There’s a saying which is ‘Look after yourself before you look after others’. At first glance you would think it’s quite a selfish quote but when you read it again, it will make sense. Looking after others will require a lot from you and if you aren’t well yourself, it could end in disaster. Self love and self validation is vital for your overall development and personal growth. Do not allow yourself to be afraid of putting yourself first or showering yourself with love abundantly. The biggest and most powerful relationship you will ever have with regard to love is the one you forge with yourself.

There are a number of ways that you can begin to truly honour and love yourself completely; here are a few.

Take a break

In life, you will get involved in numerous things at one time and may struggle to find time for yourself. This may result in you becoming rundown and drained and could later lead to your becoming depressed. No matter how focused you’re on a goal take the time to that you find you have no time for yourself. This results in being rundown, tired and soon or later turn into depression. From time to time, take a break, go on a spa retreat, rest yourself both mentally and physically and focus on restoring balance.

Sun hat on chair on beach

Cut off toxic people

You will find that there are people who will drain you of all your energy and demand time from you. As difficult as it may be, you need to focus your attentions on limiting your interactions with these people. This will be a touchy subject for many as those who can drag you down are often friends and family, however; you have to work on limiting your time with them to protect you inner peace. Progressive individuals surround themselves with successful individuals who they can learn and develop from. In order to ascend to high heights you need to surround yourself with cheerleaders who will encourage and empower you to become your best self.

Cut off toxic people

Live a healthier lifestyle

With life being so fast paced it can be difficult to implement a healthier way of living. However, the key tips are to implement little steps and go from there. It may be something as simple as drinking more water, taking the stairs instead of the lift, trying out herbal teas or learning how to make smoothies; the list is endless. The key is to work at your own pace; not to allow others outside of yourself to influence or deflate you. Taking care of your mental and physical needs is a strong signification for loving yourself and working on improving your day to day lifestyle.

Live a healhier lifestyle in-spirels magazine

Treat yourself

Now and again, it is good to treat yourself. This could mean from buying new clothes to watching the latest movie at the cinema. Going on a shopping spree or simply having a night out with friends. Treat yourself, make yourself feel special. You don’t have to break bank to reward yourself from time to time.

Focus on yourself and your life

Too often we have the tendency to want to help everyone around us and take on their problems but in reality we simply can’t do that all the time if we want to grow and develop.  It’s not wrong to want to focus on yourself for a while, get yourself back to full fitness, regain your happiness and most of all to centre your thoughts. You have to take care of number one sometimes and this may have to sometimes involve you focusing primarily on yourself.

focus on yourself inspirels

Listen to your body

Rushing around can eventually cause us to slow down and then stop. It’s good to get things done but there’s also a need to calm down the pace and allow yourself time to take things easy from time to time. Listen to your body because if the truth be told, no-one knows your body better than you. Let me put it like this; picture a car travelling at a fast speed, it fails to spot the red light ahead and then crashes. Instant write off. That can easily become us when we ignore the warning signs.  We too can crash and burn. In order to prevent a burn out, press the pause button and do activities that will not only calm your body but also your mind. Focus on yourself in-spirelsmagazine

When I think of love, I think of it as an action word. Loving yourself is the most important thing you should do, because let’s face it – if you can’t love yourself, who else will?

There will come a time when loving yourself becomes hard but it can get easier when you begin to value yourself and see yourself how God sees you. Ask yourself if you spend time doing what you love, Ask yourself if you have time for yourself

Loving others can be very hard but becomes that more easier and fluid when we first love ourselves.


I pray this blesses you and helps you to start that journey of self love.







W| By Ryan Osborne                               @Ryan_Ozzie    

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#BeInspired: 10 Rules For A Better Life

Life can indeed be complicated, but there are a few little things you can apply to make your life that more better and fulfilled.

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#BeInspired| When You Know Who You’re Nothing Can Stop You

When it comes to our personal and professional development, it is often our own limiting beliefs that hold us back. Our own negative belief systems about ourselves can hinder us from reaching our full potential. Then there are those who continually compare themselves to other people and what they have achieved. They study their social media accounts and begrudge their lifestyles. The time they are spending watching others and wishing their lives was better only takes away the focus they should be giving to themselves.

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#BeInspired| Grow Into Your Being

In your life you will be involved in many things – University, Business, Family and numerous other personal / private matters. For us to really see how powerful and progressive we can be in any area; we need to allow ourselves to develop and to grow into our being.

As we go through life, we will be required to adapt to situations, be responsible and make decisions. This is all a process of growth. As you grow, you will be handed more and more responsibilities and more challenges to undoubtedly overcome. 

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#BeInspired| How To Find The Courage To Believe In Yourself When No One Else Does

What if your story was never told would it matter, or would it change everything if you had the courage to give your gifts to the world?   I recently shared some new music I had been working on with someone whose opinion means the world to me, in fact I had always thought that this person was one of my biggest supporters however his response to my work was lackluster and he didn’t even take the time to give productive feedback.

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#BeInspired| Don’t Doubt The Struggle!

It is true that we all do this: Once we hit a rough patch in our lives, we question why we are in the situation; we question every movement we made and begin to blame ourselves and the people around us. Successful people do not at any time no matter their trials and tribulations cast the blame of their circumstances onto another.

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