When was the last time you believed in yourself? You know that thing you wanted to do, how is that coming along? Or is it still somewhere in the distance? Can you even see it?

I believe our self-worth starts when we are a young child due to our experiences we have and therefore equates to whether or not or how much we believe in ourselves. If we are told that we can’t; that our dreams are too big, that we should focus on this instead of that, we will think that we can’t.  We then ultimately stop believing in those things we truly want and allow  ourselves to be dictated over. This thinking process can stay with us, woven into our adult life and all the hopes that we might have wished into our snow globes, planted in the fountain with our pennies become lifeless and stale because we never allowed them to grow. With this we never allowed ourselves grow and just live rather than be alive!!!

But what if we were told the opposite? What if, as a child, we were told that we could achieve anything that we wanted.  We were told that we could do, be and have anything that we truly wanted because within us lay the capacity to be, do or have anything you want. That would be totally awesome, we would be so inspired and would live life the way we envisioned!!

To me, even if you are 8, 18 or 81, we are all adults in training, learning new things every day that aid our development; there is so much of the world we don’t know about -we are just scratching the surface!!! So every day is a new chance to return to our inner child; where we thought the sky was no limit and believed wholeheartedly in our dreams.

So start from now. Start letting yourself dream. Write your wishes down. Don’t judge them,  Make whatever dreams you have come through because YOU CAN and YOU WILL. 



W| By Rebecca Sullivan                            Via #BeINspired 

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