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I have had a slew of beauty related issues over the years which has ranged between thinning hair, back and chest acne and cellulite. After trialing many products, I have found a list of essentials which always work, and although I’m still trying new things; if I have an adverse reaction I always go back to these safe places to rectify the situation.


My hair is a natural afro and I can proudly say I have been chemical free since 2003. I have tried many products but my hair is always silky soft and tangle free when I use Mizani Supreme Oil. I sometimes add a bit of coconut oil to the conditioner for an at home deep treatment.

Mizani Supreme Oil

A special mention need to be extended to – Shea Decadence Mango Butter Kit. Their conditioner, latte and curl balm are a close second.

Shea Decadence Body Glaze


I never have an issue with spots but I do get the occasional blemish. I use Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm or Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. I exfoliate with Afrodeity Caribbean Coconut Face Scrub or Urban Veda scrubs. Or Shea Butter Cottage Black Soap if I have had a break out for some reason. I moisturise with simple Shea Butter; I’ve found that simplicity is best when it comes my face.

shea butter


I am a MAC Studio Fix girl and have been for many years but I am currently experimenting with new foundations so will keep you posted. For now; that is the go to product for daily use. I also love Fashion Fair Mascara and Dior Lipsticks.

Mac Studio Fix foundation


Wahl Nails and Poi Nail polishes have the greatest range of colours, the best nudes for dark skin and the best application. They seem to last longer than most too other options too.

WAH Nails nude polish

The Body Shop products are staples in my home, the Shea Butter, Strawberry and Moringa body wash, exfoliating scrub and body butters are in constant use. We also use Shea Butter Cottage Raw Shea Butter and Shea Decadence Body Glaze, an overall great conditioning oil containing a blend of fruit and nut oils: Safflower, Grapeseed oil, Shea oil , Jojoba oil, Macadamia oil & Vitamin E.

Body Shop Moringa Set




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#BeautyEssentials| Mizani Announce Launch of 25 Miracle Milk

Leading hair care brand Mizani have recently announced the launch of its ’25 Miracle Milk’. Taken from their existing L’Oreal Professional Products Division.

MIZANI-launches-25-Miracle-Milk-769x1024 (1)

This one bottle offers 25 key benefits for the hair. A multi-tasking leave-in conditioner; the new product is designed to strengthen, moisturise and beautify all hair types; especially curly hair.

Check out their official site for more info!








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#HairEssentials|Africare Silk Spray

I came across this light silk spray when I was actively wearing weave. For those of you who wear hair extensions; you will know that after a few weeks your hair can become extremely knotted. I struggled with this for a while until I was introduced to this miracle product. However, do note that Africare’s Silk spray isn’t made with weave in mind. In fact, it can be used on both natural and relaxed hair.

I absolutely hate when my hair is weighted down with other hair oils. This particularly happens when I oil my scalp. The oils travel down the strands of my hair leaving it limp and lackluster.

This spray is an oil free sheen but is perfect when heat styling and gives you a smooth finish and overall shine.

There are 3 key benefits of this product; the first being that it contains silicones for lite surface smoothing. It doesn’t in anyway weigh down the hair yet still gives it a healthy shine which lasts the day through. Secondly, it helps to protect hair during thermal styling and thirdly it seals cuticles to prevent moisture loss and friziness.

This is my secret weapon and is a product that I use on a daily basis to keep my hair slick. The price of this product ranges depending on where you purchase it however on average a 120ml bottle costs £7.49.


Shop via the Africare store HERE




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