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Sasha Shantel| Editor & Co-Creator of In-spire LS Magazine

sasha shantel

Sasha Shantel Bennett’s In-spire LS Magazine celebrates its monumental 6th anniversary in September 2016, whereas the deeply driven and progressive businesswoman/media creative continuously expands the lofty horizons of In-spire LS Magazine with the major advent of the anticipated In-spire LS TV, In-spire LS Music “Music Matters” compilation series, collaborating with marquee companies on the groundbreaking Expand Your Brand business campaign and incorporating additional skills and credentials into her already decorated arsenal and resume. Sasha Shantel Bennett presently resides in Peckham, London and is a graduate of the University of Greenwich – Bennett studied English Literature – and is a qualified medical professional in mental health.

Sasha Shantel Bennett founded In-spire LS Magazine in September 2010.

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Syianne Raemond| Co-Editor of In-spire LS Magazine

Syianne Raemond is a lifestyle columnist, Executive Vice President and co-founder for United Kingdom’s In-spire LS Magazine. The resourceful London-based British-Jamaican businesswoman has been widely instrumental and uber-savvy in the ongoing success of the Future 100 verified publication since its inception in September 2010; Raemond frequently liases with mainstream PR entertainment managers, credible corporations, multimedia celebrities, entertainment venue tenants, advertisers, marketers and events organizers.

Raemond’s invaluable business HR experience and ever-skilled resolve as an In-spire LS Magazine executive prosperously continues to be perennially reliable with regularity, whilst selflessly operating behind-the-scenes. Raemond’s innate drive and passion as a leader in business is infectious and influential to all personnel within the company.

Raemond co-founded In-spire LS Magazine with Sasha Shantel Bennett in September 2010.

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Dean Perretta| Features Writer, Social Media Strategist and Spotlight Interviewer


Dean Perretta is a two-time award-winning multimedia creative who currently provides a comprehensive array of diverse commentary, exclusive interviews and media reviews for 3-time Award-winning and Future 100 certified InspireLS Magazine in London, United Kingdom. Throughout his multimedia career, Perretta’s exceptional magazine columns and featured interviews have frequently appeared in reputable print and digital publications in the United States, Germany, Canada and United Kingdom.

Perretta has made notable guest appearances on FOX Sports Radio, ESPN Radio, OWWR (New York), WBAD Radio (D.C), JG Sports (New York), VAVEL (Chicago) and PWE (Chicago), whilst interviewing bona fide stars in the world of entertainment and professional sports; Perretta joined In-spire LS Magazine in February 2013.

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Katie Ryan| Creative Director and Features Writer


Irish digital multimedia visionary Katie Ryan is the current Creative Director and features columnist for 3-time Award-winning and Future 100 certfied In-spire LS Magazine; Ryan’s articles perennially receive superb feedback from In-spire LS Magazine readers worldwide courtesy of alternative viewpoints, technical ability in detail and unbridled passion. The creative’s strong influence in the company has often been cited for the major spearhead in In-spire LS Magazine’s international growth, coupled alongside leading the charge in multimedia campaigns which led In-spire LS Magazine to glory in triumphantly claiming three major accredited British media honors.

The hard-working Ryan is an avid photographer and graphic designer, whilst showcasing adept technical skills in digital marketing and PR. The Irish creative is both versatile and a rarity in regards to creating glowing content that is ever-honest, largely relatable and fully intriguing for In-spire LS Magazine’s diverse international audience.

Ryan joined In-spire LS Magazine in September 2010.

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Luis Sánchez | In-spire LS Sports Contributor


In 2013 I accepted a job offer in the Content Associate Program at ESPN; I spent almost two years working on Sportscenter and other shows on the network. Although I enjoyed working for the company, I realized I missed broadcasting and wanted to pursue my passion in women’s athletics. I now freelance broadcast for women’s athletics in the New England area, mainly for Boston College and I also have started to work on a webpage called MyWSports. The site is focused on all women’s sports including the WNBA, NWSL, WTA and even the newly formed NWHL.

On my free time, I coach little league in my former baseball league and help the league raise money through fundraising and outreach. I also am an avid proponent of Charter schools and fixing the achievement gap, so I try and speak at local schools every once in a while.

My WSports

Luis Sanchez Email:

Luis Sanchez Twitter: @Luis_MyW

Ryan Osborne | Sports, Gadgets and #BeInspired Writer


Ryan Osborne is a 27 year old professional sports writer, digital technology reviewer and inspirational columnist hailing from London, United Kingdom. The Londoner currently contributes for 3-time award-winning and Future 100 certified publication In-spire LS Magazine, which was founded by creative multimedia visionaries Sasha Shantel Bennett and Syianne Raemond in September 2010. In addition to contributing to In-spire LS Magazine, Osborne is actively employed as a safety steward for English Premier League outfit Watford FC; Osborne has been associated with the Quique Sánchez Flores-coached team since 2008.

Osborne – who studied at North Westminster Community School – has undertaken major stewarding duties at the O2 Arena, Wembley Stadium, Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge and White Hart Lane. Osborne has worked in the capacity of entertainment events organizing and safety, which has led Osborne to networking with some of the biggest names in the British music industry.

In 2015, Osborne interviewed British Women’s Boxing Champion, Commonwealth Games 2014 competitor and Rio 2016 hopeful Charlene Jones for In-spire LS Magazine. Osborne is a vastly loyal and valued team player who has made solid contributions to In-spire LS Magazine during his successful tenure with the company.

Osborne joined In-spire LS Magazine in June 2012.

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Solachi Voz| Contributor


In Spring 2013, she released her sophomore project entitled “Brainwaves & Goodbyes” which addressed the message behind 2 Chronicles 7:14, which reads: “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (KJV) In the summer of 2014, she traveled as a artist on the eXtreme Tour, traveling to ten states across the US, and had the opportunity to share her music and be mentored in person by rap legend Kurtis Blow. After her sophomore release, she returned to the independent realm, leaving her label in order to fulfill the visions God gave her in her music. In October 2015, she released her first single in two years, titled “The Interview”, which received online and live radio play in four markets in its first week online. Garnering attention from Sony, Interscope, Atlantic and Brick Squad, the new single has now reached the UK, charting in the top 20 on the independent hip hop charts.

Voz’s intellect, delivery, and uniqueness has drawn quick and steady attention from major labels, but her dedication and integrity to the spiritual message behind her craft help her navigate her way through the music industry. Continuously reaching different people across the country and across the world with her music and testimony are her objectives.

As a now independent artist, Solachi writes to demand change, influence the way people think and feel about hip-hop, elevate the status quo and expectations of female rappers, and encourage those who feel forgotten; all while still remaining true to the message of true salvation in Christ.

Website |
witter |


Ebony Gayle| In-spire LS Magazine #Careers Contributor and In-spire LSTV Producer/Presenter

Ebony Gayle is a PR and media communications specialist (CIPR accredited PR practitioner) with over 13 years of multimedia experience of overseeing and implementing various strategies and campaigns, alongside working across a wide variety of industries including health, fitness, entertainment and more.

Gayle – who attended London Metropolitan University – holds rich experience in working as a TV presenter reporting on entertainment news for “Thatswazzup” on Fusion Plus TV and as a producer for successful lifestyle/entertainment radio show “The VIP Room” hosted by Sasha Shantel. The creative is currently a producer for In-spire LS TV and a valued multimedia contributor for three-time Award-winning In-spire LS Magazine.

The London-based creative’s core technical skills remain in developing PR and Communications strategies, media production, media relations, campaigns management, event management, building relationships with stakeholders, digital communications, crisis and reputation management, copy and feature writing, stakeholder engagement/brand management and E-comms (CMS and SEO).

Gayle joined In-spire LS Magazine in February 2016.


Natalie Leonna| Contributor


British-Dominican business creative Natalie Leonna is the Managing Director/Founder of London-based NLPR LTD. NLPR LTD provides a comprehensive branding and business silver service fully tailored to meet business requirements, whilst providing the highest quality of PR expertise.

Leonna’s NLPR LTD company provides services in Public Relations, Fashion PR, Event Management, Web Design/Branding and Creative Agency. NLPR LTD has collaborated with noteworthy mainstream companies such as S Child couture, Starr7, Super Mothers Network, Yace, Bellazzi and more.

In addition, Natalie Leonna is the Co-Founder of Relief for Dominica. The Relief of Dominica charity aids the relief efforts in the wake of Dominica’s well-documented Tropical Storm Erika.


Shakira Scott | In-spire LS Contributor


Born and raised in London, England, Shakira Scott burst onto the scene in 2009 as her alias ‘Scotty Unfamous’, with her candid, loud and proud YouTube show, ‘SDTV’.

In 2010, Scotty originally posted what is now her first published book, ‘Unfamous’, on Facebook. Later that year, Unfamous was adapted into a stage play by the Flourish Drama Company and went on to become the first stage production in history to sell out London’s Lost Theatre.

In 2011, she moved her stories onto and begun writing Unfamous Book Two and her first dark fantasy novel, Venom. 2012 saw the popularity of the Unfamous series and Venom rising, securing her the BYA Literary Arts Award.

By 2013, she quit her job and founded her own media company, Quirky Culture. With her business up and running, she published Unfamous (Book One and Two) and turned Book One into a web series that landed itself and Scotty features in popular media publications such as Pride, Complex Magazine, The Voice newspaper and Hello

2015 saw Scotty’s career continue to grow as E!’s breakthrough original series, ‘The Royals’, entered into a partnership with Unfamous (Book One) on Wattpad, selecting it as one of their favourite ‘Sexy Scandal Stories’, using its attractiveness to help promote their second season of the show. Unfamous (Book One) is now a featured story on Wattpad. Later on that year, Scotty won her second literary award, this time via Wattpad’s very own Watty Awards, with her popular online street lit novel, ‘Running Wilde’.

In February 2016, Scotty’s ‘Unfamous’ web series was given another nod by none other than Teen Vogue, as one of their ‘10 Awesome Web Series Created by Black Artists’.

Scotty has also received multiple award nominations from the BEFFTA and Screen Nation awards including Best Author, Best Web Series, Favourite Web Series and Favourite Web Series Ensemble.

Along with Unfamous and SDTV, Scotty was the associate producer for Virgin/EMI group The Rascals short film ‘Deja Vu’. She has also had her own radio show, she’s hosted events, been featured in various blogs, magazines, and much more.

Scotty continues to write.

Nicola Richards| Contributor

Nicola Richards is a talented British television personality and radio broadcaster who currently works for BBC, Magic FM, Absolute Radio and Croydon Radio. The versatile and highly regarded Richards – who hails from Croydon, south London – studied broadcast journalism and initially got her break presenting around the world for Disney on luxury cruise ships. The gifted London-born multimedia talent supremely exudes engaging charisma, magnetic down-to-earth charm, sublime technical ability and an innate ability in meticulous preparation, whilst boasting consistently high quality performances and building natural and sincere rapport with television and radio audiences in the United Kingdom alike.

Nicola Richards has featured on “Brilliant Britain” on The Community Channel and has also used her adeptness as a travel journalist to report on and broadcast regular detailed travel reports for the United Kingdom’s mainstream titan broadcasters – BBC and TalkSPORT.

Nicola Richards Twitter: @NicolaSaidVoice

Nicola Richards Instagram: @NicolaSaidVoice


Michael T.Lyle | International Sports Writer


Michael T. Lyle Jr is a four-time Connecticut Associated Press Award-winning journalist who currently contributes professional sports columns for international publication In-spire LS Magazine. The accomplished 34-year-old New Jersey native holds a bachelor of arts degree from Howard University in Washington, DC and also serves as the official website reporter for two-time NBA world Champions New York Knicks.

Lyle is a well-respected 12 year media member who presently resides in Connecticut. The talented multimedia creative has superbly mentored aspiring reporters at the collegiate level, whilst also undertaking color commentary for women’s NCAA Division I basketball team Hartford Hawks.

Michael T. Lyle Jr joined In-spire LS Magazine in June 2012.

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Crystal King| Contributor

Crystal King

Crystal King UK is the Director of Celebrity Creations Management (Events Agency), a Professional R&B/Soul Singer-Songwriter, Voiceover Artist and Actress. The British-Dominican creative – who was born in Beckton – is also a writer for She Inspired Her for Women in Business.

King was the winner of the “Most Creative Female” award at the London Young Women’s Award (2012), whilst also claiming honors in picking up the “Women’s Business of the Year” award at the Womens Business Center and NCFE (2013).

King holds a strong background in providing rich experience in Events Management, Project Management, Team Leading and Casting and Recruiting for Events and Creative Projects. Furthermore, King’s creative media projects include: Crystal King UK, She Inspired Her, The Pamper Sessions, The Dubai Weekender, ANKH Place Retreats and King-Cess Apparel.

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Levantay| Inspiration/Personal Development Contributor

Levantay has captivated audiences from New York to Jamaica with her expressive voice and impassioned messages. As a singer, thought leader and beYOUtiful life strategist she is on a mission to empower high achieving young people, especially women, to develop the mindset of champions, uncover and unleash their gifts, do meaningful work they love and create the beYOUtiful life they deserve. Levantay is an expert communicator with more than 10 years of experience working for media powerhouses such as CBS, MTV, and BET. Although she was in a field of expression she felt like her own authentic expression was being blocked. As a result, she left the traditional media world and took the bold step to build a new career where she uses her voice as a platform for empowerment.

Levantay was named thought leader for the next generation by best selling author and pioneer businesswoman Sharon Lechter. She is the host of LevantayTV where she shares practical wisdom, coaching and music to inspire young people to unleash their full potential.

During her career, Levantay has had the opportunity to open stages for Dancehall and Reggae international legends such as Beres Hammond, Marcia Griffiths and Beenie Man. Levantay was featured as an emerging artist at the 2011 Caribbean Music Conference in N.Y. and selected as New, Now, Next artist for CaribGold 2012. She is former Ms. Jamaica N.Y. (2006), first Runner-Up Ms. Jamaica U.S.A. pageant.

When she’s not writing, singing or coaching, you can find her spending quality time with her active duty Marine husband. Also an award winning poet, she is getting ready to publish her first non-fiction book.


Bianca Maria | Fitness/Health Contributor



Multi-talented 22-year-old Bianca Maria is an England Track & Field Athlete, Miami Pro Bikini Model, Pure Elite Miss Bikini Model, PCA Miss Toned Bikini Model , Health & Fitness Enthusiast and Music Video Promo Model.
Bianca Maria joined In-spire LS Magazine in January 2017.




Jordan Speed | In-spiration Contributor


Jordan Speed is the name, changing the thoughts of the world is the game. My current endeavor into the self-development community started late 2015 – December 22nd to be exact. One video, one moment of time, one choice to watch a certain video may have changed the course of my life. It made me rebrand my pervious company which was aimed at producing feature films, into the stepping stone of self-help, Story Maker Production [ ]. We have a simple mission: empowering the lives and minds of the world.

As for my background, I’ve always been an open-minded, opportunity-seeking individual. I’m currently 20 years young and residing in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I’ve always saw the time value of money and used to invest every dime I ever touched into something that I saw was cool and interest-earning. I’ve gotten into many areas during the past including: coin collecting, sports cards and memorabilia, comic books, antiques, & flipping storage lockers. Oddly enough, even when I was in elementary school, I would go trick-or-treating and then sell my candy to classmates in school the next day – all it took was me walking around and looking cute.

Each new day produces new thoughts and new opportunities to act on them. I’m currently building a strong network to take over the world within the next 10 years. If anybody is interesting in joining me in this pursuit, you’re more than welcome to email me at  thanks for your time!

Twitter |   @smp_ceo




Health and fitness professional Murray Thomson is Scotland’s first-ever certified DDP Yoga instructor and the founder of Power Yoga Plus. In addition, the 28-year-old Scot has also served as an Academy Sports Science Assistant for reigning Scottish Premier League champions Celtic and as a Fitness Coach for Scottish League One club Stenhousemuir.


Murray Thomson | Fitness and Nutrition Contributor

Murray In-spire ls magazine


Thomson is a Level 2 Qualified Fitness Leader (Gym Instructor), alongside holding a Level 3 Qualified Diploma in Personal Training and is a Level 1 Instructor for the critically acclaimed fitness brand DDP YogaDDP Yoga was created by 3-time World Champion, WWE Legend, Film Actor, Published Author, Fitness Instructor and Motivational Speaker “Diamond” Dallas Page.

Murray Thomson attended the University of Miami and the University of Stirling.

Murray Thomson joined In-spire LS Magazine in February 2017.


Twitter: @MT_Hammer88

Lola Ekosanmi | Health & Fitness Contributor
Me - Lola

London College of Fashion graduate, Lola Ekosanmi is a up and coming fitness content creator with a YouTube channel titled Lola’s Journey. She creates content to inspire and motivate people who are embarking on a weight loss journey. This was inspired through Lola’s growing followers on Twitter after she released a before and after picture of her 50lbs weight loss which went viral. It led to many girls (and guys) messaging her congratulations on the weight loss journey and how she did it.

Since September 2016, Lola has created weekly videos to help and encourage people who are embarking on a health and fitness change. January 2016 saw the channel hit a milestone of 1,000 subscribers and has views of over 35,000 thus far. Going forward, Lola will continue to loose weight and create more exciting content on YouTube, branching out to vlogs, fashion and lifestyle videos.

During Lola’s free time, she plays netball and basketball with hopes to play netball professionally in the near future.

Follow Lola on Twitter and Instagram: @FatToThickFit

Subscribe on YouTube: Lola’s Journey

Tai Ibitoye| Health and Fitness Writer


Tai Ibitoye, BSc (Hons), MSc is a nutritionist and an avid advocate for public health nutrition with experience working in various settings from acute to community. She was appointed as a Nutrition and Hydration Week 2016 ambassador promoting good nutritional care, good hydration practices to members of the public and acted as a spokesperson for the campaign. She is involved in various projects focusing on the nutritional status of young and older adults in the UK and involved in implementing interventions to help improve the nutritional and health status of the UK population. She is the content creator for the Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle online blog ( with over 150,000+ visits

Follow Tai on Twitter @OfficialEnhlife

Diana Nortey| #BeInspired Columnist and Health Matters Writer

Media creative Diana Nortey is an inspirational, wellbeing and lifestyle contributor for United Kingdom’s popular female lifestyle publication, In-spire LS Magazine. The devoted and underrated creative has forged a stellar reputation in her stellar career from peers in the journalism industry for overall consistency and high quality over the course of the past decade, which has seen Nortey’s detailed work feature in revered British multimedia outlet The Guardian.

Nortey – a graduate of Roehampton University – also presently serves as an official Ambassador Mentor and Blog Editor for Enpower C.I.C. In addition, the gifted writer has worked as an Assistant Editor for Adinkra Films based in Brixton, South London; Nortey’s multimedia career includes tenures as Deputy Editor for LIVE Magazine in Brixton, South London and as a contributor for The Cut Magazine.

Nortey joined In-spire LS Magazine in December 2010.

Social media:
Instagram: ladydee_vine1
Snapchat: ladydeevine1

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