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#InspireLSEntertainment | ZAPspace

These trampoline themed spaces seem to be the ‘in thing’ at the moment and although I’ve never really imagined myself venturing inside one. (Let’s just say I’m pretty reserved when it comes to these type of things!) However, recently I was invited to the press launch of ZAPspace, the new fun emporium in Stratford.

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#InspireLSEntertainment | Visiting One Of London’s Iconic Markets

London is the city that still has traces of its true past still lodged in it’s DNA. It rose up after the needs of the United Kingdom’s industrial revolution became so great in the city, that more and more people found a way to make it their permanent residency. Slowly but surely, little pockets of different communities become to rise, and suddenly you had a mix of people, cultures, foods, music and clothing styles. To supplement this newfound way of living, markets were erected in certain places all around London, where anyone sold almost anything. The cultures and the atmosphere you see today, which exist mostly outside of zone 1 and 2, is what some might say the real London. A hustle and bustle nature, hot food on the go, locals trying to force their way to the top and earn and healthy living. It’s what the city is to most people, and to experience it you have to go there yourself.

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