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#BeINspired | Asuka: The Empress of Tomorrow 明日華?

Current reigning and defending WWE NXT Women’s Champion Asuka is a globally revered Japanese professional wrestler who has highly developed a widespread reputation globally since joining the globally popular sports-entertainment juggernaut; the internationally known Japanese sensation is currently the longest-reigning WWE NXT Women’s Champion in history and additionally currently boasts the longest-ever undefeated streak in WWE history since her high-profile WWE NXT debut in September 2015.

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#InspireLSEntertainment | TV Ads That Have Done It Right

With the coming of the internet, DVRs and the “TV on Demand” era, TV commercials have certainly faced a decline in viewership since the golden era of TVCs in the 90s. With viewers now able to fast forward commercials in their DVR, or even skip them altogether after a few seconds on most streaming platforms, ads now have only but a few seconds to capture a viewers’ attention before they move on to the content they are actually looking to consume.

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