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#InspireLSEntertainment | Miss USSR 2017

Last month In-spire LS Magazine was asked to become one of the media partners for the phenomenal beauty pageant Miss USSR 2017. Having competed in a number of pageants myself; I believed it would be a great opportunity to provide coverage and highlight the positive aspects of the pageant scene. Many people deem these form of competitions as being a negative representation of women as they’re being celebrated for their beauty. However, over the years these competitions have acted as a positive platform where talented women have the opportunity to speak on freely on causes they feel passionate about, demonstrate their individual talents and at the same time show of their unique beauty; all while representing their country.

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#MusicMatters | Anne-Marie Live at KokoLondon

Anne-Marie is one of the pre-legends of the scene. She’s a local girl from Essex who went to drama school and loved to perform Motown classics. Her backing singer is her best friend and her sister; which makes for a very interesting and engaging performance; as both women know exactly what they’re aiming to do and how they’re going to perform it.

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