#HealthMatters| Part 3: Go Juice Detox Intense Juice Nutrition Replenishment

I want to firstly start by wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year. Undertaking the Go Detox Juice cleanse towards the end of last year helped me to re-address my relationship with food and helped me to get rid of my sweet craving. Yes, I do have an odd sweet here and there; particularly during my menstrual cycle. However, I would go as far as describing myself as a sweet addict. I would consume up to two packs of sweets a day, more often these would be the ones covered in sugar. I turned to sweets because I struggled with the continuous bitter mouth that I had to endure each day. However, as I began to develop my understanding of sugary food and drinks; it became apparent to me that it was these such things that were attributing to the bitter taste I was struggling to shake.

I felt ready to embark on the 3rd stage of this program as I had already witnessed the benefits it had had on my energy levels and my eating patterns. Before commencing this program, I would eat a Yorkie a day. I am pretty ashamed as I write this, but this is something that I did religiously. I couldn’t imagine being without them and I expressed this during a session of telephone mentoring from Go Detox Juice creator Erran.

Being able to receive his encouragement and run through what I had struggled with or found easy so far helped to make the process; although challenging; extremely gratifying.

I had already successfully completed the first two stages, however; this would be the biggest test as it would involve me drinking pre-made juices; personally delivered to my door. For a total of 6 days, I would drink a diverse variety of freshly made juices all made to match my personal needs. The freshly made, Superfood juices were packed full of essential vitamins, minerals and live enzymes concocted to help reverse signs of ageing, help with weight loss, improve skin appearance and elasticity and help the body overall glow from the inside out. Due to successfully completing the Bowel and Colon Cleanse my body was now in the perfect condition to absorb the full benefits of this stage.

To start each morning I was given fibre shots to take with water before taking any of the juices. Fibre has many benefits but some of the most notable is that it helps regulate bowel movement, it promotes healthy skin and also helps to increase your energy. I can honestly say that I did feel that my energy had increased after taking my 2 x daily fibre shots.


After this, I ensured that I had a reasonable sized cup of herbal tea. The important factor was to cut back on the honey I used in each serving. I also tried to consume as many different varieties  of tea as possible, moving my favourites which include Lemon and Ginger, Rosehip, Nettle, Green Tea and White Tea.

My bowel movements at this point was twice daily. Once in the morning before leaving the house and once before bed. However, this was to increase once I started to drink the juices.

When it came to the juices, they are vibrant in colour and each helps to rejuvenate and develop your cells. The first juice was orange in colour and was the perfect breakfast juice. The taste was strong and sharp with ginger being a fundamental ingredient. Due to the size of the bottles, I was concerned that it wouldn’t keep me full. However, I was left pleasantly surprised. The next juice was the red/purple one. Beetroot has been known for helping to cleanse the blood ( a major hint is in its colour). This juice was powerful and was pretty hard to stomach as it contained cayenne pepper and lemon juice. The positive benefits of Cayenne pepper are immense. It helps with digestion, migraines and is an anti-allergen to name but a few. The third and final juice was what I referred to as ‘the swamp’ as it looked like what the contents of a swamp resembles and it tasted as I would imagine a swamp to taste like. This out of the three was a major challenge.


As part of the GO Detox Plan, it was advised to drink at least 2 litres of water a day and this was something that I initially struggled with as this meant I was continually rushing to the toilet and with being on the move each day; it was a major struggle.

However, as we all already know; drinking water in recommended quantities is beneficial for the skin and after three days my skin was glowing profusely. My skin was considerably enhanced at stage 2 but by stage 3 it was vibrant and demonstrated a picture of health.

While on this stage, I was concerned as to whether my menstrual cycle would be be improved or not as I often have bad periods. Yet, what I found was that the clots had decreased and as a result my energy was sky high. The dark bags that had tainted my under eye area had also significantly improved.

By six days, my weight had decreased and I had enough energy to wake up in the morning and exercise which was something I had struggled to do previously. My bowel movements increased from 2 times to 3 and my energy continued to soar.

As part of stage three, you were given the opportunity to eat a meal in the evening, but only if you were hungry. I will admit this much, by the evening I craved my evening meal. This meal however was made from the recipe ideas provided with the programme.


My skin and my energy levels was the one thing that helped me to keep going when I struggled with temptation and wanted to eat the foods that I knew were no good for me.

My skin dramatically improved and though by week 1 there was a considerable progression in my skin, by week three and stage three my skin was better than it has ever been before.

When I decided to take up the opportunity of partaking on this program. I never realised how much of a lifestyle change this would have on my life. However, I can say that my eating habits have improved dramatically and my energy is higher than it has ever been before.

As we are now very much into a new year, 2016 is your year to make a positive change and to implement more beneficial ways of living your life. If you are serious about leading positive lifestyle and want to embark on a new journey to better health. Check out the official Go Detox Juice program and find out for yourself how amazing this program is.


Email: erranlives@gmail.com






W| By Sasha Shantel                           @SashaShantelVIP               

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#HealthMatters| Fighting Fit – The Story So Far


With New Years comes with it New Years resolutions. The majority of us who do make some, often break them; days into the year, and just like that; we feel like a failure. We promise ourselves that we won’t set ourselves to be let down again and make the commitment to ourselves to not set any the following year. Yet, I can say that last  year, I was one of those individuals who made the decision to embark on a diet. Yet, then by going on a diet, I didn’t see the desired results I had hoped for and instead fell right down that slippery slope; falling back into bad habits. The issue is, I never really thought much about what I was consuming. Yes, my inner voice would recognise that I was eating yet it had got to the point that I only ate what I wanted to eat and what ‘I believed’ would quench my intense hunger. Yet, I was never truly fulfilled.

Having embarked on one diet plan after another, I at last recognised that a healthy lifestyle had to be adopted. I knew personally that I needed more than to just diet and exercise from time to time. I had to take a more life changing step to ensure that I really took full control over my life. The decision I was about to make would change the way I lived forever and would undoubtedly change how I viewed my relationship with food but also more vitally, how I viewed my relationship with myself. On 14th September 2015, I took a leap of faith and underwent surgery (sleeve gastrectomy). It had been a decision that I had agonised over for some time. However, after in-depth conversations with close friends and family, I went ahead with the procedure.


fighting fit


It might seem strange to say this but the surgery was one challenge, but it was undoubtedly the mental battle that I had to fight after that really acted as a true test of my character. Once I got home, there were a number of thought patterns that went through my head. Many consisted of the following.. “What have you done?”, “You can’t turn back now”. Though, it was only a few days into my rehabilitation that I began to see the positive benefits of my decision to undergo this surgery. It is a fight, no doubt about it but if you work towards having a positive mindset, you will soon realise; you have everything instilled with you to help you live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I will not sell you a cliché ideal however; I may have been able to work towards a positive state of mind. However, I did have to recover physically and this felt like a lifetime. With each new day came with it a new set of challenges.





Adopting this new healthier lifestyle meant that what I had eaten before and the amounts I used to consume had to dramatically change. It took a me a while to adjust and I needed to tap into my inner voice to ensure I remained focused and committed to my plan. It honestly took some getting used to. I had to learn to appreciate food again and go right back to basics. I had to appreciate each bite and take my time to chew and take in all the flavours.  What I truly wasn’t prepared for was the fact when I learned that it only took a few spoonfuls to make me realise that such a small quantity would now fill be completely. I was pretty much full after a few spoonfuls and as a result, had no choice but to reduce the size of my portions.  Adjusting what I ate was a very interesting process, there was no more stopping off at KFC or McDonalds for a quick bite. Those days were well and truly behind me. That is not to say that I didn’t have moments of temptation because I definitely had those. However, I soon came to realise that if I got into the habit of cheating, everything I had worked towards would fall to nothing and I wasn’t prepared to reverse all of the hard work I had done.

Before I went into surgery, I had to think about whether I would be mentally ready to start a new lifestyle. I had to think and pray long and hard about this next chapter in my life. I wanted this to be a new start for me and I wanted to more than anything prove to myself that I could do this.  Many moons ago when my doctor suggested the idea to me, I initially told him to forget about it and simply took the pamphlets away. Yet, instead of throwing them away and dismissing them like I did when I initially heard about the idea. The idea of what it would mean for my health and overall wellbeing played on my mind and I presented the paperwork to my family.  Their encouraging words and advice to follow my own heart was enough to help me go along for a consultation.  This then led to my having a psychology meeting which really changed the way I felt about the entire situation and helped to open my eyes about the implications my poor lifestyle changes had affected my health.  I had to also think about the effect it would have on my work and family commitments. This entire process forced me to grow into a renewed version of myself. A more bold and determined individual than ever before.



With every journey there are undoubtedly highs and lows and believe me when I say, I had my fair share. However, some of the major highs was without a doubt watching the weight drastically fall off. Dropping one dress size and then another was mind-blowing. The clothes that I couldn’t fit in initially, now fit me comfortably. This was a defining moment and brought about such raw emotion. I was extremely pleased with my efforts and all of the changes I had applied to implement this positive change in my life.

I haven’t made it in the term that I am much smaller but I believe that I have made significant progress to highlight some of the highs and lows so far. Some of the highs included seeing my weight go down drastically, at first I couldn’t believe it but seeing the figures made me think that just maybe it was a positive move. Another high that I have experienced is the clothes that I couldn’t fit in, I can now fit in very comfortably, it felt quite emotional but I was also pleased. However, I have experience a few lows as well with one of them being faced with that temptation when you see others eating food you’d like to eat, it made me feel like I should get a takeaway or try and fit in with the crowd. Another low was when I was about a month into my journey, I had to follow a special plan to I can heal properly, it felt long, I couldn’t eat properly and that was a low moment. There were a few times when I slyly regretted what I had done but that soon passed.

Over this period, I have had various comments highlighting the fact that I have lost so much weight, someone even said I was getting my face back. This was a major compliment for me and really has helped me to keep going. I’m not used to people paying me compliments so for me it was quite new, but it was a ‘new’ that I was ready to become accustomed to. This process had helped to enhance my overall confidence and self-esteem.

What this process taught me more than anything is that it helped me to recognise how powerful a support network can be. Just like a runner participating in a marathon, the people cheering on the sidelines help to keep you going. Initially, I tried to do it by myself and I failed spectacularly. However, this time around; it was a different story. My religious beliefs and those within my church played a massive part in helping me to get to this stage.  Their prayers and words gave me great encouragement and was the boost I needed.

Many people have asked me why I went through with the procedure and what has been the biggest highlight. For me, it is the anticipation of what I will be able to pursue soon. It feels quite surreal yet extremely exciting that one day soon I will be able to play football and go running. I will be able to do all of the things I was unable to physically do before. I am happy to be alive and thrilled that I have taken the steps to ensure the my quality of life is a good one.  One of my biggest fears is that later on in life, I might come to regret what I did. It’s what I think of everyday. I know that it will work out but it’s always in the back of my mind that I may return to bad habits and all of the efforts I have made will come to nothing. Though, I recognise that this is just negativity creeping in. Sometimes that inner voice can try and set you back. However, I know I more than ever that I am at my strongest right now and I am more than capable of continuing to achieve great things.

My hope for the future is that I go on to motivate others to lose weight. I strive to use my story to inspire others by my story and I want to one day use my journey to encourage my future offspring to never give up, no matter what challenges life may throw at them. I would also like to set up weight loss support groups in London and in other areas to help to pay it forward.

What I underwent was not an overnight success and I had to go through a mental and physical battle. However, I never gave up, I kept pushing and I encourage you to do the same. No matter what adversity you may be facing, don’t give up, you are more than capable to making changes in your life, whatever it may be. The journey is not over, but I know I will be able to reach my final target as this journey has instilled within me a sense of greatness and for that I am extremely thankful.

I’m now at the stage where I am happy to talk to others and also support others who also want to lose weight. You can follow my journey and also if you would like support, here are my links.

Instagram – @Fearless_Frontman, @vsgking_ryan

Twitter –@Ryan_Ozzie

Facebook – Ryan Osborne

‘A healthy mindset leads to a healthy lifestyle’



W| By Ryan Osborne

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#HealthMatters| Part 2: Go Juice Detox -Reboot & Ebot Program

I will be honest with you by saying that when embarking on a  cleanse, it is vital that your mind is in the right place too. A few weeks prior to beginning my cleanse; I wasn’t in the best head space and am quite adamant that I wouldn’t have been able to begin this program or be committed to completing it. However, in preparation for this; I embarked on reading a number of self help books to help keep negative thought patterns at bay.

I also made sure to limit my interactions with others. Not that anyone has the capacity to distract me. However, I wanted to ensure that my time was just that; my time and that I could give as much focus to this first part as possibly, possible. I would highly recommend that you adopt a similar practice when undertaking something of this nature. I can honestly say that by getting my mind in the right place; I was not only able to stick with the program, but also witnessed amazing results.

As it was right from the start; I was presented with thorough and detailed instructions of what the Reboot and EBOT program would consist of. I was slightly nervous as the first part of this would involve me taking a single ‘Black Super Flush Capsule’. To be taken in the morning on just before bedtime on an empty stomach. I knew that the pill would kick into effect but believe me; nothing prepared me for the sharp and strong bowel movements that followed near enough like clockwork 3-4 hours after swallowing.

My apologies in advance for the gross description that follows however, it has to be said that I was confined to the bathroom and bound to the toilet for nearly two hours while the pill kicked into effect. The pill needed to be taken with one litre of water (which I have to add was a major challenge as I had been slacking on my water consumption) and along with this; it was stated that the following affirmation be recited. ‘I am clean I am healthy’.

Believe it or not, repeating these affirmations helped with the overall discomfort. This very strong bowel movement will differ dependent on the person and of course, you may not have the slight pain and discomfort I had to endure. However, I felt instantly lighter and more energetic and could instantly feel a difference. What is key to point out is the fact that this isn’t’ diarrhoea’ and is just a clear indication that you are undergoing a cleanse.

I then had a light brown tablet before bed which was again flushed down with 1 litre of water.  Upon waking I then had to take a white oxygen tablet with a large glass of water.


This stage continued for over  a week and I will tell you now, it was extremely challenging. Being at work wasn’t easy as I work within an office environment and was continually bombarded with packets of biscuits and donuts. I was given fibre shots to take in the morning which swell when added to water; meaning that your become more full and less likely to snack.

I found it quite difficult to keep them down and had to really persevere with them. I was even tempted half way through the week to stop taking them. However, after a mid week call from Erran to chart my progress and to see how I was doing; I learned of just how good for you they are overall so kept pushing with them.

What I did notice however, was how much my energy was improving in just one week. Just a week prior to beginning this stage; I was falling asleep in meetings and struggling to focus at my desk. However, so early in the program, my energy had already improved. What I did struggle with slightly was the cost I was shelling out each week. Bottled water isn’t cheap, couple that with the fact that I was having to drink over 2 litres a day, it really did add up. With things like this though, you really shouldn’t put a price on your health. Trust me, the results that you witness in such a short space of time is worth the expense in the long run.

What helped the process was that I was still able to consume my herbal teas and also drank warm water with lemon to help cleanse my body further.  I had heard a great deal about the benefits of olive oil on raw veg and salad however, had never implemented it into my diet. As part of the program you are provided with a detailed list of the fruit and veg you can consume throughout the program as a well as an evening meal suggestion.

olive Oil 3

I grew accustomed to the taste of spinach and cherry tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and it soon became a major favourite. The only criticism I had at this stage was that one evening meal suggestion wasn’t enough. Yet, regardless of this fact, I persevered and had spinach with olive oil every single day. I am lucky as I was supported by my mother through this entire process. She was responsible for making some amazingly tasty and healthy dishes which included wild rice (an offered alternative) sweet potato and an abundance of greens.







I will not even pretend that this was easy because I found it to be quite a struggle. I am a self confessed sweet addict and yorkie chocolate bar consumer. However, I can proudly say that I had no sweets or chocolate bars as I wanted the results to be as strong and as profound as they could be.

If nothing kept me going, these images of my skin before part one of the cleanse began and after. The results are amazing and is proof of how phenomenal this cleanse actually is. Believe me, my skin got better and better!



After 1 week

FullSizeRender (8)

Part Three of my review of the phenomenal Go Juice Detox Challenge coming soon!


Follow them on TWITTER HERE



W| By Sasha Shantel                              @SashaShantelVIP                            #HealthMatters


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