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Do you want to ‪Expand Your Brand with BEFFTA Award-winning and Future 100 certified In-spire LS Magazine Ltd? With a rich array of outstanding and unbeatable business package deals expertly designed by multimedia professionals to largely increase product optimization, SEO relevancy, e-book and music downloads, website visitors/hits, business revenue, social media presence, public and product awareness and profile courtesy of In-spire LS Magazine Ltd’s uniquely diverse 1.2m audience per month and international reach, the future is undoubtedly now for fiercely ambitious multimedia companies, digital marketing entrepreneurs, entertainers, multimedia personalities, multimedia brands and products who seek to stand out from the crowd in a cut-throat and fiscally inflated market for advertising and business. Visibility, brand power and social relevancy equates to increased profit, long-term success, credibility amongst advertisers/digital marketers and becoming PR friendly to clients and business colleagues worldwide. In-spire LS Magazine Ltd‘s Expand Your Brand unequivocally champions brand power with full integrity and poignantly places people at its apex with no second effort in delivering excellence.

In-spire LS Magazine Ltd‘s Expand Your Brand presents a desirable business mould that officially enables custom to have the power firmly in their hands opposed to obligations of signing quarterly or annual subscriptions. In-spire LS Magazine Ltd is a trustworthy and accredited investor, empowerer and tactful developer in people and brands similarly, which has seen the three-time Award-Winning company interview the likes of Virgin founder Sir Richard BransonFOX News correspondent Stacey Dash and Jamaica’s 100m and 200m track superstar Usain Bolt, win credible publication honors in the United Kingdom, whilst collaborating with globally leading brands. In-spire LS Magazine Ltd celebrates its monumental 6th anniversary in September 2016 and continues to redefine, innovate and largely evolve as a company and serve its vastly loyal and global audience simultaneously.

International class multimedia silver service and adept customer care is guaranteed when exercising the In-spire LS Magazine Ltd Expand Your Brand initiative. In-spire LS Magazine Ltd‘s Expand Your Brand offers an unbeatable and distinct range of incredible business packages which essentially caters to your business or brand, whether its promotional ad banners, sponsored content, business and entertainment events listing, entertainment podcasts, music videos, full website takeovers or social media management and promotion.

Three-time Award-winning and Future 100 certified In-spire LS Magazine comprehensively offers international class multimedia silver service with superb customer care for Multimedia Advertisers, Digital Marketers, PR Managers, Corporate Groups, Events Organizers, Business Entrepreneurs, Bespoke PR Companies and Leading Brands who strongly relish the opportunity to strategically optimize revenue, increase SEO and galvanize product awareness in promoting forthcoming endeavors, projects, products and media events with a sponsored featured article on In-spire LS Magazine;

To actively collaborate with and/or purchase affordable advertising space to boost brand power, relevance and awarenesss of products, multimedia/business events or businesses, please endeavor to contact BEFFTA Award-winning In-spireLS Magazine for a free quotation on an array of market beating offers which firmly deliver with first class.


To request our MEDIA PACK email hello@in-spirelsmagazine.co.uk


 Additional Offers

For In-spireLS journalists to cover an event = £40
EP/Mixtape Listing per month = £60
Website Takeover  (2 weeks) = £250 
Daily Social media promotion (2 weeks) = £125
Media Interviews (Audio) = £45
Media Interviews (Video) = £50

Business Social Media Management (Per month)

* Gold Package – £200

*  Silver Package – £170

* Bronze – £140

Business Website Takeover (Per month)

* Gold Package – £1,000

* Silver Package – £750

* Bronze Package – £500

Professional Studio Filmed In-spire LS TV Interview

* Gold Package – £70

* Silver Package – £60

* Bronze Package – £50


To discuss your promotional options email hello@in-spirelsmagazine.co.uk and a member of #TeamInspireLS will be in contact.

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