#WomenMeanBusiness| Managing Director of RPW Design Ariane Steinbeck

In-spire LS Magazine love women who excel in their chosen career and always strive for personal and professional greatness. To celebrate these power women, we have launched the brand new #WomenMeanBusiness section; a series of interviews with career driven women from all walks of life. Meet Ariane Steinbeck, the new Managing Director of RPW Design, one of the world’s leading hospitality interior design practices.

Find our how Ariane got into this field, the pros and cons of working within a male dominated industry, her tips for success and who she credits as her inspirations…. #WMB

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#SpotlightInterview| Dean Perretta Meets Award-Winning Chief Investigative Reporter Lisa Guerrero

Lisa Guerrero is an Award-winning Chief Investigative Correspondent for the United States’ top rated syndicated news magazine show Inside Edition. The gifted Chicago-born multimedia star is highly regarded amongst respected peers within the realm of multimedia and observers alike as one of the most versatile broadcasters currently on mainstream national television; Guerrero’s glittering resume has seen the accomplished star co-host The View, appear as a special correspondent for Dr. Phil and make numerous special guest panellist appearances on CNN and HLN. The multi-talented Guerrero is also a successful film/television actress having starred in Aaron Spelling-directed “Sunset Beach” alongside guest starring on hit television shows “Southland”, “Frasier” and “The George Lopez Show”. In addition, Lisa Guerrero starred as herself in Academy Award-nominated Hollywood motion picture “Moneyball” starring Brad Pitt, Chris Pratt, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jonah Hill.

Prior to making a major impact on Inside Edition in 2006, Guerrero built an impressive resume as a professional sportscaster for CBS, Fox Sports Net and ABC reporting for NFL Monday Night Football, whilst being an integral part of The Best Damn Sports Show Period, Toughman, Sports Geniuses, Fox Sports Report and Sports Central; Guerrero has covered prestigious multimedia events ranging from the NFL Superbowl to the MLB World Series and has expertly interviewed hundreds of world class professional athletes, including Shaquille O’Neal, Alex Rodriguez, Brett Favre and Mia Hamm.

Guerrero was the first-ever woman in history to attain a major television contract as a sports reporter in Los Angeles, whilst being the first multimedia journalist – male or female – to boldly question controversial baseball star Barry Bonds on camera if he’d used steroids to enhance his performance in MLB.

In 2014, Guerrero was honored with a Clarion Award for “Justice For Alissa” and an Exceptional Merit in Media Award (EMMA) for “Justice For Juliette”; both investigations ultimately shed light on child abuse and chiefly focused on two young girls who were severely beaten to death.

Lisa Guerrero triumphantly claimed National Headliner Awards three years consecutively in 2011, 2012 and 2013; twice for Business and Consumer Reporting and once for “Best Investigative Report” beating other nominees including NBC News and CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Guerrero has won revered commendations from The Genesis Awards and The Prism Awards (2010, 2011, 2012).

How much did it mean to you personally becoming the first-ever Latina to host the Hispanic Heritage Month Reception at The White House?

Hosting the Hispanic Heritage Month Reception at the White House in 2003 was a huge honor. Even though the president at the time was a Republican and I’m a Democrat I still felt it was an amazing thing to be asked to speak at the White House. President Bush personally introduced me and his line got a huge laugh. He said: “Lisa Guerrero is the reason I watch Monday Night Football!”

Hispanic Business Journal officially named you as “One of the 100 Most Influential Hispanics in America”. Which Hispanic media personalities did you revere most growing up?

Sadly, there weren’t very many Hispanic TV personalities that I remember growing up. I guess the only two actors I remember on TV were Charro and Ricardo Montalban. That’s why I think it’s so important for young girls to have strong Latina role models on TV today.

How validating professionally was it when you claimed the Clarion Award for “Justice For Alissa” and an Exceptional Merit in Media Award (EMMA) for “Justice For Juliette”?

Receiving recognition for both Justice for Juliette and Justice for Alyssa was incredibly fulfilling. Both of these tragic stories were important for me to tell because these baby girls did not have a voice in this world. I wanted to be able to give them one after their deaths and to be able to hold people accountable for them. Eventually both of their killers went to prison. I’m proud that our stories helped that happen.

You’ve expertly covered the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, NFL Super Bowl, MLB World Series, NBA Finals and World Figure Skating Championships. Are there any other major entertainment or sporting events which you long to cover in your career?

Although I spent years covering major sporting events and huge awards shows I have no desire to do that anymore. I want to continue to do investigative stories and help bring bad guys to justice. I’d also like to someday host my own talk show to discuss important topics in the news and how those issues affect people, especially Latinos.


Can you explain about the unique charitable endeavors that you initiate in aid of The Salvation Army?

The Salvation Army is one of the oldest and most reputable charities in the world. I have always been dedicated to them because my father was a social worker for The Salvation Army and my mother worked for them as well. I know the good work they do is important to millions of people, so anytime I can host an event or do a fundraiser on their behalf, I am proud to do it. There is nothing more important to me than giving back to others that have not been as blessed as I have been. We all need to do our part to make others lives better.

The Los Angeles Times once called you “The most hardest working sports reporter”. Do you feel as though women still have to work twice as hard as male counterparts in order to gain full recognition and credibility within the male-dominated broadcast journalism industry?

We still live in a world where women have to work much harder to earn the same amount of money and to gain the same credibility as men do. This is particularly true in sportscasting which is how I started my journalism career, and now as an investigative reporter I see that it is still the case. I do feel being a woman has helped me with certain stories, but I have to prove myself worthy every single day. Thankfully, I’m up for the challenge!

Lisa 1

The 30th Annual Great Sports Legends Dinner recently raised over $12 Million in aid of the Buoniconti Fund to cure paralysis. How was your experience at this inspirational event?

My husband Scott Erickson and I feel very lucky that we can help support so many great charities every year including the Buoniconti Fund. They are raising millions to help find a cure for paralysis. As a former sportscaster I see how many athletes have been affected by spinal injuries, and we’ve met through the Buoniconti Fund hundreds of others that have faced a similar fate. The good news is I think they’re on the brink of a breakthrough!

How did the opportunity for a cameo role in Academy Award-nominated “Moneyball” starring Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Chris Pratt and Philip Seymour Hoffman materialize?

My role in the film Moneyball came about because the producers knew that I had covered the Oakland A’s as a sports reporter in the past. They were looking for a tough talking female journalist and apparently they picked the right gal! It was such a wonderful experience and I am so proud to have been a part of that Academy Award nominated film.

Do either Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz have a legitimate chance in becoming the first-ever Hispanic-American United States President in 2016?

Unfortunately, both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have turned their back on their immigrant Latino roots. Both of them are fighting right now to prove which one of them is most anti-Latino immigrant. This is heartbreaking for those of us in this country that want to see real and constructive immigration reform. I think either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders are a better option for American Latinos.

What are your undiluted thoughts on Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential campaign?

Donald Trump has proven himself to be racist, sexist and xenophobic. I think he is both dangerous and divisive for this country, and the sooner he gets out of this election the better. I can’t think of a worse candidate to be president of the United States then Donald Trump.

Can you explain in detail regarding your awaited forthcoming book?

I have just completed writing my first book called Jewelry For Your Table. It’s an arts and crafts/DIY book teaching the reader how to make embellished napkin rings from vintage jewelry. In the book I encourage people to use the heirlooms and costume brooches that they already have in their jewelry box, then go collect other pieces from thrift stores and flea markets to up-cycle into pieces they can enjoy every day on their dinner table. Anyone from an experienced artist to a weekend crafter will enjoy these projects! It will be published by Schiffer Books and is due to be released late summer or early fall of 2016.

Lisa 2

What projects do you currently have in the pipeline?

I am really excited for what the future has to offer. I will continue to do investigations for Inside Edition and host radio shows on KABC. In addition, I’m writing a second book, exploring the possibility of hosting a daytime, syndicated talk show and am partnering with a mosaic company called Vita Nova to produce a line of my mosaic art designs for both private homes and commercial properties. I will also continue to be active with my charity work and will use my platform to bring awareness to issues that affect women, Latinos and crime.

Lisa Guerrero Twitter: @4LisaGuerrero

Lisa Guerrero Official Website: www.lisaguerrero.com


W| By Dean Perretta                          @DeanPerretta              #SpotlightInterviews

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#SpotlightInterview| “Diary of a Hip-Hop Publicist” Author Lynn K. Hobson

Hobson got her feet wet in Entertainment at the Terrie Williams Agency in New York City in 1995. In 1998, she became an independent publicist and entrepreneur. “HobbieCom” (for her last name and the abbreviation for communications) was born. Clients over the years have included Mike Tyson, Jackie Rowe’s Iron M.I.C. Entertainment, Music Executives Mark Pitts and Robert “Don Pooh” Cummins, Music Producers Rockwilder, Anthony Dent, Bryan-Michael Cox, Recording Artist Lil Mo, Authors Sister Souljah, Queen Pen, and Teri Woods. Events such as MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16”, representing Grammy™ Award Winner Chris Brown, Record Labels Ruff Ryders, Def Jam, Koch/E1 Entertainment, Tommy Boy, Sugar Hill, Big Cat and Rappers Cam’Ron, Juelz Santana, Khia, Gucci Mane, Rasheeda, Reality Stars Kimbella, Kaylin Garcia, and more.

Hobson has written a comical yet heart wrenching account of her career as “The Go to Publicist” in Hip-Hop. As the story takes place in New York City, this Washington, DC native takes on the challenge of being the voice to her peers of prominence.

First and foremost, what can readers expect upon reading “Diary of a Hip-Hop Publicist”?

Readers can expect to become more knowledgeable about what a Publicist is and what a Publicist does.

Chris Brown, “Iron” Mike Tyson, Gucci Mane, Cam’Ron, Bryan Michael-Cox and Ruff Ryders are an array of superstars that have been amongst some of your elite clients throughout your successful career. When did it all start for you in terms of entering the industry?

I was placed on Academic Probation at Howard University and I needed some direction and guidance. When I read a book called, “The Personal Touch… What You Need To Succeed In Today’s Fast Paced Business World” by Terrie Williams, it motivated me. From there, I wrote Ms. Williams a heartfelt letter about needing direction and the rest is history. I took an internship position from her and grew from there.

In hindsight, how was life for you growing up in Washington, DC?

I grew up blessed. There was no struggle or abnormal drama. I come from a loving, politically inclined upper middle class family. Though my parents were divorced, our lifestyle and quality of life was top notch. I did not want for anything. I lived a wholesome childhood up until my college years.

What was the chief reason for the narrative of “Diary of a Hip-Hop Publicist” primarily being focused in New York?

The chief reason why the narrative took place in New York was because New York City was the home to my career. All of my clients were based out of New York and all of my major life experiences took place in and around NYC.

How did you initially become actively involved with representing MTV hit series “My Super Sweet 16”?

Rapper Juelz Santana introduced me to Leland Robinson. His children had birthdays coming up, so he paid me for my ability to plan their extravagant parties and have them televised. From there, I was approached by Chris Brown’s former Publicist, Arian Reed where we then collaborated on doing his Super 18th birthday bash as well.

What did you learn most during your fruitful tenure with the Terrie Williams Agency in New York City?

I learned that I do not have to take the word, “No” as an answer.  I learned that I do not always necessarily have to stand in line. I learned that once you make a decision, there is no turning back. Burn the bridge in order to move forward.

What was your overall experience in professionally working alongside Def Jam?

As a contractor for Def Jam, I was able to experience corporate entertainment structure. I witnessed Hip-Hop in corporate America basically.

“Diary of a Hip-Hop Publicist” details the internal and external struggle as much as personal triumph and glowing accolades. What advice would you offer to aspiring young publicists and entrepreneurs who long to become successful within the entertainment business?

I urge up and coming Publicists to use their God given common sense when it comes to handling business for their clients. I encourage them to add a personal touch to everything they do for a client. Make yourself indispensable.

Even to this day it is a relative struggle overall for women to be taken seriously in their respective field in contrast to male counterparts. Have the overall attitudes of sexism and minorities being underrepresented altered over the course of the last twenty years in the entertainment industry?

Yes. The overall attitude of sexism and minorities has improved. Initially, there had been an aura of the industry being a “Men’s Only Club”, but just like all other fields, women have broken those barriers.

Which recording artist do you predict to become a breakout star in 2016?

No comment. We’ll have to wait and see 😉

“Love & Hip-Hop” stars Kimbella and Kaylin Garcia have been your clients in the realm of mainstream television. Did you initially imagine that the VH1 show would become the pop culture phenomenon that it has today?

No. I had no idea that the “Love & Hip-Hop” franchise would have grown to those heights.

Diary of a hip hop publicist In-spire LS Magazine Spotlight Interviews
Will you consider writing another book after the heralded success of “Diary of a Hip-Hop Publicist”?

Yes. I would consider writing another book. I would love to do biographical books for Artists, Personalities and even try my hand at a fictional series.

What creative projects do you currently have waiting in store?

Creatively, I am working on expanding The Black & Blue Foundation; my domestic violence foundation. I am also working on some Life Coaching event properties and opportunities as well.

Lynn K. Hobson Official Website: www.lynnhobson.com
Lynn K. Hobson Official Twitter: @LynnHobson


Celebrity Hip-Hop Publicist Lynn K. Hobson releases her first book, “Diary of a Hip-Hop Publicist” and it is now available for $19.99 on Amazon.com.


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