#InspireLSFitness| Powerhouse Fitness – Spring Forward

Spring is well and truly here and the weather will undoubtedly begin to change. So whether you’re gearing up for the world cycle championship, London Marathon or your next gym session, here are some great fitness items to use at home, your garden, the gym or at the park!

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#POTD| What’s Love Got To Do With Success?

“In This Moment You Are Perfect, Valuable And Worthy of All Good” – Levantay (Jamaican Professional Life Coach/”BeYOUtiful” Recording Artist/Published Author)

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#HealthMatters| iamYiam Launch @ V&A Museum

The reception area of the Victoria & Albert Museum was a spectacular venue for the packed iamYiam launch. A wellbeing site which uses bio technology and genetics to formulate your own unique natural health plan.

iamYiam.com aims to revolutionise the lucrative wellness industry and become the world’s foremost natural and wellbeing hub by organising and simplifying access to the wellness market. They claim to combine ancient wisdom and modern health practices to formulate personalised and actionable natural health plans for everyone eventually, but starting with busy overlooked Londoners.





Young woman sitting in Lotus position at the park and doing breathing exercises.

This event was perfectly timed, early February is usually when New Years’ resolutions are broken, the gym begins to be neglected and the sweets start to creep back into the daily diet Fitness and health has morphed into the ‘wellness industry’ which as bombarded us with superfoods, vegan diets, gluten free products and a ‘must do’workout every week. For Londoners who often search for a quick fix to fit wellness into our lifestyles many never achieve their goals and may find that a more comprehensive approach would be beneficial.

How does it work?

iamYiam has devised a unique algorithm based on 12,000 academic research papers and gene markers which help to decide which therapies and therapists are best depending on your specific requirements.

These could include, curing insomnia, reducing anxiety, lowering stress, recovering from injury or the most popular choice which is an overall improvement in wellbeing. Your fitness goals and diet are also recorded.

I am Yiam 8

You are given 3 choices to help start your ultimate wellness journey, but all new users are encouraged to go for the full experience which includes ordering genetic profiling (costing £387) which will fine tune the bio-metrically balanced plan and provide ready made recommend experiences to help achieve the best possible health for your age and lifestyle. You will also get a nutrition plan to ensure your diet will enhance your results.

Once genetics, scientific recommendations and your own wellness goals are taken into consideration you will receive a fully functional health plan and can then book the most appropriate experience for your needs from the database of leading practitioners, all experts in their field and based in London covering Yoga, Pilates, Acupuncture, Reflexology and many more services.

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iamYiam is founded by Lorena Pica, an extreme athlete and published author with an obsession for all things wellness. Last year she ran 7 marathons in 7 continents in 10 days for charity.
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iamYiam have a huge goal and a lot of work ahead of them, they have plans to expand nationally and internationally and aim to enhance the health and wellbeing of 1 billion people by 2025.

Visit their official site Here


W| By Marianne Miles        @MissMMiles                         #HealthMatters

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