Being that it is the second month of the New Year, many of us will be in despair as we realised we have failed at sticking to our new year’s resolutions. (We have all been there so don’t you worry about it). In the run up to 2018, it is customary for people to start putting together plans and ideas for the coming year and with that will come the usual New Year promises and resolutions. I, myself, have a routine where during the last week of the year, I would sit down and put together my plans for the coming year. Whilst it all looks good on paper, when it comes to reality, I really have to ask myself one thing – ‘Is it really a new year’. However, resolutions do not have to be reserved only for a new year. They can take place every week or month. Establishing new and improved ways to live your life should not only be reserved for a new year but should happen throughout the year and beyond.

With that in mind how about considering the following:

Join a sports club / take up fitness

Your body is your temple and like anything it needs to be maintained. Depending on your budget; you may decide to sign up to your local gym and take some classes or plan and implement your own workout. Or perhaps, you may like the outdoors and want to start a running program or use the equipment at an outside gym. Whatever option you choose, one thing you should focus on doing for yourself this year is keeping fit in one way or another. For some of you; the above mentioned may also be a lot to work towards so how about making a few changes. Get off your bus a few stops earlier and walk to your destination, take the lift instead of the stairs. It’s amazing how great you’ll feel about yourself once you just simply begin.

Take up a course

It’s a good thing to learn something new or take up a course. There are plenty of evening and short courses that will help you start the year in a positive light. If you don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home the Internet has made it easier to access online e-learning courses and you can study thousands of diverse topics on sites like Vision2Learn and Udemy. Knowledge is power, don’t allow your brain to grow stagnant, it’s a muscle that needs to be worked.

Take control of your Finances

Along with all the plans for the new year, financing and budgeting is normally the most biggest barrier to most ideas. I remember wanting to do something in November 2017 but what stopped me was finance so low and behold I have committed to ensuring this year it is going to happen. Like me, you could put together a budgeting plan so you can keep on track.
There is actually so much more that you can do to make this year a positive and progressive one.


W| By Ryan Osborne                    @Ryan_Ozzie                                                  via #BeINspired

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