Toronto-based business entrepreneur John Toufankjian had a unique vision which inevitably and successfully came to full fruition in creating the acclaimed KICK IT 2 WIN IT company in 2012. An enriching and fruitful vision which subsequently presented stylish, captivating six on six soccer to major cities internationally in the form of KICK IT 2 WIN IT. Toufankjian’s sterling reputation as a savvy entrepreneur throughout Canada is vividly apparent, with the KICK IT 2 WIN IT founder unequivocally continuing to further establish KICK IT 2 WIN IT around the globe with an ultimate fabric and aim that is underscored with a burning passion for being community-driven and philanthropy-based; KICK IT 2 WIN IT is a for-profit brand which focuses on giving back. The beautiful game’s essence and purity had been amplified with KICK IT 2 WIN IT.

John Toufankjian strives to inspirationally uplift communities internationally with the most vital goal that he can score with the heralded KICK IT 2 WIN IT brand. The bigger picture is for aspiring soccer stars, fans and aficionados – both female and male of all ages and backgrounds – to experience the cultural unity, unconditional love, and undivided excitement that is often left behind in finance-driven professional soccer. KICK IT 2 WIN IT’s initiative is to show that one can be loved and appreciated via sport, whilst empowering the participants to be positive citizens within their community. It’s more than a game. KICK IT 2 WIN IT is about humanity, compassion and positivity.

Can you explain the story which led to Kick It 2 Win It being created?

KICK IT 2 WIN IT began as a concept back in 2012 to put on a small tournament to help raise funds for a local community centre in Toronto.  After the first few years,  I decided that KICK IT 2 WIN IT would serve the world by slowly expanding into cities, running local tournaments in various cities, and then contributing some of our funds to a local charity in need.

Can you elaborate on forthcoming plans regarding the ever-growing expansion of KICK IT 2 WIN IT?

Too early to confirm it all, but we are focused on establishing roots in the major Canadian cities such as Vancouver, Montreal, our Capital city Ottawa and of course we are already doing tremendously well here at home in Toronto.  We’ve entered Miami. We will look to host in Atlanta, Las Vegas, eventually Los Angeles, New York City, and then continue to add US cities to the list.  We’re also potentially going to be in London, England in the summer of 2016,  and there are talks with expanding into the Caribbean with Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and Barbados.  By 2017/2018, I am hopeful to add France, Spain, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, and Germany to the list.  There are plans to get into South Africa, Dubai and South/Central America, but time will tell how quickly these expansions take place.

Which reputable charities will KICK IT 2 WIN IT be collaborating with?

I tend to support underfunded charities; those that are in much need of funding.  Our selection process when it comes to raising awareness and donating money comes down to the size of the charity, it’s work in the community, its needs, the amount of funds needed, what they choose to do with those funds, whether or not it is an area my company can focus in on.  I have worked with organizations that assist children/youth who live in marginalized neighbourhoods,  and as of recent I am helping raise awareness to combat human/sex trafficking as I feel this is a big, big issue in our world. It happens daily and most of us are unaware that it takes place in our very community.  Human Trafficking is modern day slavery, and to buy and sell human beings to force them into the sex trade is an area my company is eager to fight against.  However, there are many worthy causes out there, we’re always open minded to help who we can and where we can.

Which professional soccer players have made special guest appearances at KICK IT 2 WIN IT?

Our tournaments since inception have been rather low-key.  As we continue to expand, I am confident that we will have professional soccer players attending our tournaments, giving speeches to the up-coming youth, and who knows, may even kick the ball around with us.


Who were your favorite soccer players growing up?

I have to go back into the memory drive for this one.  I am sure there are many more, but these are the constant names that I mention when I discuss legends, playmakers, champions and team players. The few who have played a role in my soccer life were;
Ronaldo (Brazil)
Zinedine Zidane (France)
Alessandro Del Piero (Italy)
Luis Figo (Portugal)
Alessandro Nesta (Italy)
Oliver Kahn (Germany)

Which cities internationally do you aim to host Kick It 2 Win It tournaments next?

London, Manchester, Tokyo, Dubai, Barcelona, Madrid, Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Milan, Buenos Aires, Kingston Jamaica, and Johannesburg. If the world will have us, we plan to go everywhere.

Which KICK IT 2 WIN IT tournament has been the most memorable thus far?

Thus far we’ve only really hosted in Toronto, but I am looking forward to see how these cities in 2016 will showcase.  Toronto is a very diverse city, our tournaments draw from almost every nationality out there. It is beautiful to see so many cultures come together under one roof to play the great game, and each city has its very own culture, demographics, and so on, so I am eager to see what happens.

How can players, sponsors and affiliates become actively involved in the Kick It 2 Win It initiative?

Our website has all the information regarding tournament locations for players, a volunteer page for those who wish to get involved within their community, a page for our sponsors/partners to visit and reach out to us, and so on.  I am very active on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) and always welcoming new connects.

John Toufankjian Official Facebook: @kickit2winit
John Toufankjian Official Twitter: @JohnToufankjian @kickit2winit
Kick It 2 Win It Official Website:
Kick It 2 Win It Official Twitter: @KickIt2WinIt


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