As I made my way to high St Kensington it dawned on me that I didn’t take a really good look at the menu yet. I usually skim read menus for restaurants review and then look in more detail nearer the time, but as I was going to review a Mexican restaurant (one of my fav foods) I felt comfortable that I’ll be familiar with some of the dishes. Lupita is a Mexican chain with three branches, one in central London, East London and West London. I attended the last to open; the West London branch based on high St Kensington which has been in business for a year and a half.

As you enter Lupita it feels bright, airy, and welcoming.  The windows folded open adding a nice touch not making it feel too snug. The section we were seated in was for two or four diners. However, at the back there’s more seating for larger groups and you can see the chef cooking up a storm which is a nice touch. We sat near the window which was lovely as they folded open, letting in sunlight and breeze, it was a nice day so added to the overall atmosphere.

Looking at the mouth-watering menu I could see that Lupita has a lot more to offer than the average Mexican restaurant.  The Menu is plentiful, they have an array of cocktails listed in the Mexology section of the menu, nice play on words.  You’ll find a choice of margaritas, Lupita cocktails specials and jug-tails, if none of those tickle your fancy you can go for wine or Tequila. If you’re looking for alcoholic free drinks there are plenty of soft drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails to choose from.

The staff at Lupita were friendly and helpful, making suggestions on meals and drinks. As I absolutely love cocktails and consider myself a cocktail connoisseur I decided to go for recommended Mezcal tropical strawberry margarita. It was delicious, with the right balance of sweet with the salty rim. My dinner guest opted for a Caipirinha cocktail from the Lupita cocktail list which is more fresh tasting because of the lime which she enjoyed. I also had a mojito another fav of mine, I’ve had some questionable ones in the past, but at Lupita they got it right and I happily sipped away and we also ordered another margarita – this time a passionfruit flavour which was nice but preferred the strawberry one.

Now if you’re a person that skips starters and heads straight to the main I’d urge you to stop and take a good look at Lupita’s offerings. There is a vast amount to choose from, including, taquitos, roasted vegetables tostadas and totopos and much more. We opted for guacamole artesanal a simple but scrumptious starter and one I’d highly recommend, particularly as the staff make the guacamole right in front of you which was a lovely touch

You can see that its freshly made and if you didn’t know how to make Guacamole you will have a front row class on how to make it! Dining and learning at the sametime – a thumbs up on that.  They serve the guacamole with hand cut crispy fried tortilla chips. I have to say it’s the best guacamole I’ve had at a Mexican, the portions are huge so perfect for sharing, I had to stop myself from eating it all so I could fit in the rest of my order.

Moving on to the main meal, again you have lots of options, tacos, burritos, salads, side dishes and platos Fuertes, a selection of their favourite classic Mexican dishes. After much deliberation, I finally opted for a dish from their specialties section, Gringa, a classic Mexican dish, three flour tortillas as base with melted cheese and a choice of chicken or pork, topped with fresh pineapple, coriander and onions. What I liked about Lupita is that they some of their dishes come with your choice of one side dish rather than you having to order that separately thus costing you more. I opted for the avocado salad.  I’m an avocado fan, I would never have thought I’d say that when I was younger as my parents were unable to get me to eat it when I was younger, but I now love the stuff.

The Gringa arrived and looked, smell and tasted divine, it was very flavoursome and the toppings really complimented the dish; I’d certainly order it again and again. I’d call myself a quesadilla expert as it’s a dish I’ve always order so I opted to try out Lupita’s chorizo con papas with homemade chorizo, garlic Chile peppers, and spices served on a bed of mashed potato. Another appetising dish, with a delicious Smokey flavour but one that was presented differently than usual, the appearance reminded me more of a taco rather than a flat grilled quesadilla that I’m accustomed to. Either way it was still a scrumptious option that I’d recommend.

My friend opted for a cochinta pibil burrito which consisted of marinated and braised achiote paste, pork, orange juice and lime, lettuce, Mexican rice and slaw, it usually comes with cheese, but as she’s not a cheese fan she didn’t include it. I love cheese but had a nibble and it did not disappoint, my friend was happy and very filled up.
She also ordered the caldo de pollo, traditional Mexican broth prepared with chicken, rice, jalapenos, avocado, carrots and peas. It is served along with a rolled tortilla. The broth was nice but a bit salty for my taste.

Of course, we saved a little bit of room for dessert, I ordered the Pan De Elota, a traditional Mexican sweet corn cake served warm with vanilla ice cream and strawberry and hibiscus coulis – and yes it tasted as nice as it sounds. My friend went for Halado, two scoops of premium vanilla ice cream smothered in Mexican chocolate and cajea sauce. We both left there happy and very full indeed – what more can you ask for.

So if you’re shopping in high Street Kensington and fancy some good Mexican food in a lovely atmosphere with happy and attentive staff, I’d recommend you pop into Lupita Mexican restaurant, you won’t be disappointed.

4 out of 5






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