The temperature drops and we all groan, annoyed. Great, instead of cute outfits now we get to wear huge, shapeless masses of thick fabric that will make us look like a big blob of dough. Just the kind of look you were going for on a hot date! Ugh.

But then you check your Instagram and see all these gals in their sassy little coats, giving off an effortless vibe and damn, how do they pull it off? They certainly don’t look like a pillowcase stuffed with turkey feathers, they look downright sleek and elegant. Ah, but they know secret – how to layer their clothes to look both stylish and feel warm.

If you want in on it, we’re happy to tell you that we’ve got a few tips for you right here.

No need to put your t-shirts away

That graphic, oversized t-shirt that you love so much? It’s going to go well with a long-sleeved shirt underneath it. If your shirt if colourful, you can always wear plain black underneath, but you can also wear goddamned neon and have a crazy little look on your hands. Why not? Tuck the shirts into your mini skirt and wear chunky boots for a punk rock look, or you can just stick to that your graphic tee and go for a Victoria Beckham moment. Throw a leather jacket over this and wear some slim black pants and you’ll be the epitome of cool.

Slouchy cardigans and sleek button-downs

Stylish comfort for the office – wear your prim and proper button down white shirt, but put an oversized cardigan over it and let the warm wool hug you and keep you warm. It’s so classy, so comfy, and so versatile.

Turtlenecks and denim

Winter is the time to bring out your rich-coloured turtle necks, maybe something in Flame Red, Royal Lilac, or other Pantone colours of the season. You want the turtleneck to be the focus, so pick a bright colour and pair it with a washed out denim jacket or a plain blazer.

Something that goes really well with this combo are slim, sexy skirts and over-the-knee boots. It’s totally retro, and you can make it even cooler if you pick a skinny mid-length skirt with a little slit, or maybe you want a dash of romance, in which case you can go for lace.

How to pull off long coats

Long coats are freakin’ amazing. Seriously, just ask Tilda Swinton. Just look at her in her coat and a laidback little pantsuit and Oxfords. She loves to play around with androgynous elements in fashion, and she knows that the key to looking during the cold season is picking the perfect kind of coat.

We recommend that you find a long, structured garment, something form-fitting and in colours like Navy Peony, Shaded Spruce, Tawny Port, or maybe something like Autumn Maple if you prefer warm colours. These are all popular Pantone colours for this year, but it just goes to show that not every winter garment needs to be black or grey. You can have a little fun here, and if you pick the perfect coat you never have to worry you’ll look boring.

A way to sass up your hoodie

Look, athleisure is overtaking the world of fashion and a hoodie is a damn good garment to wear. How to make it even better? Wear a bomber jacket over it and pair it with ripped jeans, or a miniskirt. You can wear biker boots if you want edgy, or sneakers if you want more of a laidback look.

The preppy college look

For the office, you can go with a classic – a button-down blouse, a polo sweater over it, and a sweet skater skirt to match. Ankle boots or Oxford shoes go well with this and you can also wear colourful tights to make it a little more fun.

Final tips and accessories

When layering, try to find a balance – if you’re wearing something top heavy, go for skinny jeans. If you’re wearing a tight sweater, feel free to pick wide-leg pants. Never forget to accessorize – winter is the perfect time to drape long, slim scarves around your neck, to wear watches, or slim chain necklaces.

Wear chokers with your leather jackets, wear chunky rings with your preppy clothes. Pick a leather bag in some fun colour, wear a pair of big hoops, and experiment. Of course, don’t do all of it at once. Start with one detail, see where you get.

Fall and winter are actually perfect for all of us fashion divas. We get to play around more and really put our skills to the test in the way we pair outfits and match colours. Use this opportunity to get creative and enjoy working on your style as you sip on a pumpkin latte.




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