Melanie David- a name that will be on the tip of many tongues soon enough. Having heard her debut single ‘Waiting’ I was mesmerised by her talent and the tone of her voice. The US have always been able to spawn talented singers and Melanie is no exception. Melanie is our only wonderwoman this month but her message stems much further than numbers. We are blessed to share her inspiration with you. Read more to find out who inspires her, how the murder of her brother signified a turning point in her life and why she will always be Anita Baker’s biggest fan! #Beinspired

Melanie, we are excited to feature yet another talent like yourself in In-spireLS Magazine! Having visited the UK earlier this year and actually recording your current single ‘Waiting’. How did you find the overall experience and when will you be revisiting?

It was very different from America, I fell in love with the beauty of the old buildings and just the overall rustic feeling that the UK has. I am currently looking to return to the UK in October to do some shows and other promotional work.

Speaking of ‘Waiting’ I have been religiously visiting your website just so I can hear it repeat over and over. Vocally it is beautiful and the song itself would be, in my opinion be pleasing to many a music lover! Is the song autobiographical in anyway?

Thank you! I am so appreciative of the positive feedback! The song is definitely autobiographical. I think every woman can relate to it. We constantly chase someone until we realise that they don’t care enough to chase us and you get tired of waiting, so you finally leave.

You are currently and unsigned artist, how much would you say this has affected your music career to date, either positively or negatively?

I think it’s a great time to be an independent artist. It gives me the chance to build my brand and create a fan base. These are the things you need to have in order to maintain control when you do get the opportunity to meet with major labels.

Your bio states that you started singing aged 5 years when you turned on the television and heard Mariah Carey singing ‘Someday’. Was that really how is happened or had you been singing before this epiphany took place?

LOL! Nope I swear this is exactly how it happened. I didn’t even know I could actually sing, I just knew from that moment on I WAS A SINGER! (laughs) Music chose me.

Your sound is very intrinsic and similar to the classics of artists including Etta James and Billie Holiday. You credit singing sensations Anita Baker and Whitney Houston as being your musical inspirations. How much would you say they have influenced the music you are currently making?

I am greatly influenced by them. Especially Ms. Baker I want to model my career after hers. She has pretty much laid down the framework on how to be a legend. As far as my sound you can hear them in everything I do, from my sound to my diction and my tone.


You stated music saved your life. How close were you to taking another, more negative path?

Growing up in the inner city of Boston, negativity was always around me. The option was always there to do the wrong thing. However, I always thought about how negative actions would affect my future as a singer and that made it easy to abstain from things like drinking and drugs.

Since you started performing to live audiences you have blessed the stages of many venues including the notable ‘The Apollo’. Apart from your performance at the Apollo what has been your best experiences on stage?

I have performed the National Anthem for a few baseball teams and this is always exciting. I love singing the National Anthem! Standing in that huge stadium and having all eyes on you! The crowd’s response is always emotional and the sense of pride that just permeates the air is like no other sensation!

What modern day musicians do you l admire and why?

I adore Beyonce! She works so hard at her craft and continues to get better and better. I also love her character she seems to be a really humble, down to earth person.

Throughout your singing career you have been majorly mentored by Ankh Ra Amenhetep from (MTVs’ Making the band). How vital has his advice and guidance been in the building of Melanie the artist?

Without Ankh Ra there probably wouldn’t be a “Melanie” the artist! Ankh Ra really made me commit to myself as an artist and taught me how to discipline myself to be great! As he says it’s a defining moment when you “step into you’re greatness” and that’s exactly what he made me do!

In 2010 you faced major tragedy after your brother David was murdered on the streets of Boston. You state in your bio that you wanted to give up but knew he would not have been happy with that. How much has your loss influenced your music and how have you managed to take this tragedy and turn it into a positive outcome?

My loss influenced my music by making me more aware of what’s going on in the world. It forced me to address issues like murder in my music which is something most artists don’t sing about even though in the United States 34 people die each day due to gun violence. I try to let people know through my music that we can help change the world and stop this senseless violence. I also started the David Martins Peace Foundation in my brother’s honour which is a non-profit organisation that helps educate youth on violence prevention through education and the arts.

Having gone through personal loss how much would you say you have changed as person?

I don’t take things for granted as much, especially family. I realised just how short life can be so I love harder now and live without regrets.

Who would you list as your biggest supporters of your musical career?

My biggest supporter is myself! You have to believe in yourself first or else no one else will believe in you!

What do your family think of your latest music?

My song “One” is very personal so it had the whole family in tears when they heard it because it’s our story put to words and music. So for them it’s really touching because they have known me since I was the little girl singing off key so they see the growth and it makes them happy.

Out of all of your up and coming material what track should we be listening out for?

I have so many! (laughs) I just started working with The Beat Banggahz (SteffNasty & Buggyeye) who have created music for the likes of Trey Songz and Gordon Chambers. So I can’t wait to give the world what we create. I also have my song “One” which was written by myself and Ankh Ra it will be on iTunes and Amazon July 1st,  also my follow up single Dreamer featuring rapper Ali Vegas.

What would you say sets you apart from other singers?

The fact that I am simply comfortable being me! I don’t have a gimmick to sell. I just offer great music and a great attitude. As simple as the combination may sound it’s rare to find it these days.

Who or what in-spires you within your career?

I’m inspired by my family. They keep me motivated. I know that I am working so hard to ensure that they can have a better life. So for them I’ll go to the edge of the Earth and back!

You recently launched your official website what can In-spireLS readers and new supporters expect from your website?

It’s the first place to hear about updates and new music, my performance schedules will be listed here and we will be doing a lot of contest’s and giveaways soon!

Do you have any positive mantras that you live by? If yes, what are they?

Yes. Jay-Z said “Knowing who you are, is the foundation of everything GREAT” I try to always remain positive and stay true to myself! With that and hard work you cannot fail!

Thank you Melanie for answering the questions. Please round if off by completing these sentences..

I am at my best when… I am prepared and well rehearsed.

I am confident in…. my ability to succeed.


Life is… confusing and unpredictable!

Self discipline can…be difficult! but it is attainable!

Dreams can… come true.

I am happiest when… I am with my family.

Three words that best describe me are…. smart, passionate and  loving

I am a ‘Wonderwoman because I prove that no matter what hardship life may throw your way you will survive and rise above!

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W| Interview by Sasha Shantel I| Courtesy of Melanie David- All Rights Reserved

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