Winter is well and truly here with the first frosts happening last weekend. As the temperatures start to reach freezing, many of us start to consider where we’re going to spend Christmas this year. Most people choose to either stay at home, or head abroad to a ski resort, however one other option that can be just as much fun is holidaying in a motorhome. While this can be tons of fun, it’s good to keep some survival tips in mine. We’re going to take a look at them in this article.

Perform Basic Maintenance

If you are planning on driving anywhere in your motorhome this winter, you’ll need to perform basic maintenance. Make sure that your battery is working correctly, that your oil and water levels are topped up, and that your tyres are in good condition.¬† Make sure to check your engine for damaged belts and hoses too as these are prone to breakage in cold conditions. Alternatively, you could visit a rental depot, such as this rental depot in Bristol if you live nearby, and rent a motorhome for your holiday instead. This way, you can be sure it has been maintained properly.

Prepare for the Weather

Although the weather in the UK is usually just cold and wet, it’s important to prepare for every eventuality. Make sure to pack some anti-freeze, and also a snow shovel in case you need to dig your way out of any drifts. You may also want to consider investing in some snow socks and chains for your motorhome so that poor weather conditions won’t prohibit you from travelling.

Make Sure Campsites are Open

A lot of campsites close between October and Easter, so before you plan on travelling to one in particular, it’s best to check that they are open. There are some great winter campsites in the UK, but you may have to do a bit of research to find them. Make sure that any you choose have all the amenities you’ll need for your stay, including an electrical hook-up.

Pack Properly

Finally, because you will be staying in a motorhome as opposed to a comfortable hotel room, it’s vital that you pack with warmth in mind.¬† This means you’ll want to pack layers of clothing, and consider bringing along some thermals as well. Chunky knits not only feel festive, but will keep you warm as well. In the motorhome itself, you’ll want to have a good supply of blankets, as well as some sleeping bags for those particularly cold nights. You’ll also want to bring along some food that can be warmed up easily on a camping stove, and possibly even a hot water bottle or two.

Spending a winter holiday in a motorhome can be a fantastic adventure, and it’s something that will give you lots of stories to tell as well. Just make sure you prepare for it properly beforehand so that nothing goes wrong that ruins your time away. Have a great time!



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