At the start of a new year, we always look ahead to the different things that we’d like to do, and the adventures we’d like to have. However, not every year is going to be the same. Some years, you’re going to want to keep things closer to home, enjoy adventures with your loved one and make memories that will last for years. But some years, that’s not always going to be enough. Some years, you’re going to want to focus on completely changing things and do something different. And that’s why we’ve got an incredible list of destinations for you to consider. This eclectic mix of locations is sure to stir up your travel taste buds and give you some food for thought for 2018.

Cape Town

First of all, we’re going to kick off this list with an absolutely incredible location. Cape Town, found on South Africa’s southwest coast is a stunning sight with a wealth of culture on offer too. You’ll always find lots of things to do in Cape Town that will blow you away too. From the excitement of the city to historical ventures over to Robben Island, let’s a lot to see and do. If you want a holiday that’s going to excite each of the senses and show you a different side of life, Cape Town holds the cards.


Next, we have a really breathtaking location, that is sure to knock your socks off from just about every angle. Paris is somewhere that everyone should visit at least once in their lives. Whether you want to see the notable sights, experience to art, see the fashion, or just eat your ways through this arrondissement, Paris has it all. You can also choose to go big with a luxury budget, or see the city on the cheap, so it’s a winner all around.


There are a wealth of incredible islands in this world, and the Fiji islands are just some of them. Well, 300 of them in fact. Here, you’ll find picture-perfect palm-lined beaches, breathtaking natural habitats and lots of excitement too. There are museums to explore and garden to gander around on some of the islands, meaning you can get the beach life and cultural injection in one.


Maybe you want something completely different to life as you know it? When that’s the case, you should definitely consider Tokyo as an option. The capital of Japan is busy but beautiful. Find yourself a central base and be prepared to throw yourself into a new kind of culture. From the gardens to the theatres, there’s a wealth for you to see and get excited about.


And we’re going to finish off with a different kind of culture altogether, because this Nordic nation is too special to be ignored. Iceland won’t be for everyone, but it’s certainly impressive. The volcanos and hot springs certainly aren’t like anything you can find on our fair isle. So if you want to see somewhere completely different, head to Iceland, particularly the capital Reykjavik, and uncover the incredible history and stunning landscape.


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