Don’t know what to wear? Choose a sophisticated black. Have no time to think about your outfit in details? Choose an alluring black. Are you afraid to go wrong with color combinations in your look? Choose a flattering black. Do you need to make a good impression? Choose a timeless black! So, as you can see, black is such an amazing color: luxurious but strict, refined but classic, conservative but unpredictable – and all this at the same time!

Black is the most neutral color you could imagine: it is easily combined with every single shade and color without any limitation. On the other hand, if you’re a black clothes person type, be alert because the monotony and the neutrality of the total black can turn your wardrobe into an absolutely dull, boring and tasteless thing. But… don’t jump to conclusions! Black can also look chic, stylish, trendy and really interesting… it all depends on the way how you style it.

The main rule of all black outfits is a presence of some trick or twist: play with accessories, for example, or combine silk and leather, lace and cashmere, besides, make sure that the outfit suits you, and feel free to experiment with the textures.

Dressing in head-to-toe black you’re definitely risking. If you want to find new and SAFE ways to rock black, make it look seriously creative, and play by your rules, check these fashion looks that will work for a variety of occasions, emphasizing your sense of style.

The black color is perfect if you want to show the texture of the material without distractions. Experiments with patterns, fabrics, silhouettes, and graphics are really cool. Mix up a heavy knit with a pair of skinny jeans and some slim boots, or some chunky sneakers (maybe white?), try a waxed cotton or black denim – make something that’s interesting indeed. indeed.

We all know that black is slimming, so if you’re already high and skinny, avoid tight black outfits. This color will easily emphasize the advantages of your body and hide the shortcomings. All you need is to find the shapes and styles that fit you ideally.



You can wear your favorite black in summer, winter, spring and autumn.

If you believe that black is not your type of color at all, try adding bright accents to your image. Black on black with a pop of color is so tasty!

Leather pants and skirts are another fashion trick that prevents your black outfit from being absolutely boring. The leather is always hot and always sexy!

Do you want to look both feminine and dangerous? Combine short black dress with high boots, and put a fur coat or jacket around the shoulders for adding notes of luxury and magnificence to your black outfit.

If your body has ideal proportions and you feel comfortable to demonstrate your charms in their best, take a risk to wear such skin-tight jumpsuits.

Nothing will ever replace our beloved black. It’s sleek, neutral, very easy to pull off, style, and most jewelry works with it, but it’s a true art to keep it on the fashion side, not allowing to become boring and trivial. Slim black jeans and an H&M plain black sweater are not all you can figure out.


 Hope our gallery’s given you a new dose of inspiration! Follow our tips and remember that totally black outfit will help you stand out a bit more and just look better in general if you really like what you wear.


W| By Claire Hastings

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