I’ve never really listened to Selena Gomez’s music and to be completely honest have; for the most part named her simply as ‘Justin Bieber’s on and off girlfriend’. However, strike me down as I take back these words. It is of course important to note that Miss Gomez is a star in her own right, having been a favourite on the Disney Channel before realising she had far more potential in music.

Fast forward to 2015 and Selena releases the lead single ‘Good For You’ from her second studio album ‘Revival’. This song is simply beautiful in both lyrical content as well as visually. I’m actually addicted and can’t wait what else the pint-sized 23 year old music star has to offer.


Get onto Vevo to hear the rmx with Hip-hop star A$AP Rocky. Mind you, I much prefer the original.









W| By Sasha Shantel                 @SashaShantelVIP                    @InspireLSMusic


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