It had to be done! In-spireLS were the only magazine to land an interview with Olympic and World Champion Usain Bolt last year and after his phenomenal success in the Olympic 100 metre final, we wanted to share his inspirational interview with those who have not read it. We are proud of our Superman for retaining his title and believe that he will be able to to retain his 200m title also. The 5th August is a beautiful night for athletics and a beautiful night for Team Jamaica. Usain, we SALUTE YOU.

Humility and focus are the words that summarise the talent and phenomenon that is World Champion and Olympic Champion, Usain Bolt. He is a living legend and by the time he comes to the end of his career there is no doubt that he will enter into the history books alongside notable sporting greats including Pele and Muhammed Ali. We are truly honoured and humbled by our exclusive interview with Usain Bolt. Be in-spired.

Usain, it is an honour to have you as our ‘Superman’ feature for In-spireLS Magazine. You are actually our second sportsman feature. I’m sure your not used to coming second!! In-spireLS is the no1 online source for promoting positivity and the heights you have reached so far in your career is nothing short of amazing. Where would you say your determination and drive stems from?

I have been a competitor all my life and winning becomes a major part of competing. I have worked hard and dedicated myself to the work, so the results are there to show. You are only 24 years old, but within your career you have achieved more in these short years, than many have achieved in a lifetime.

Having done so much already and being named as the ‘fastest man in the world’ what motivates you to keep on going, when some would say the ‘best’ has been achieved?

In becoming a legend in the sport, one has to do a few things 1. Defend titles 2. Have a more positive impact on the sport. I want to do that and I am working towards that goal. You have always been a practical joker and sometimes your antics have got you into trouble. (nothing major of course!!) Even in the most pressurised situations, especially at major sporting events, you are always seen smiling. How do you manage to always look so relaxed when all around you it appears there is major chaos and pressure? I take the pressure off me by relaxing and listening to music. There is no particular routine, but I always can find ways to relax. Also people watch the sport to get some entertainment and I enjoy providing it.


We already know you are the fastest man in the world and with the nickname of ‘lightening bolt’ this is no surprise, however, who gave you this nickname?

The verdict is still out on this one, but it may have been from a Carifta Games in the Bahamas.

I am filled with immense pride watching your major titles, being that I am Jamaican also! The track world was for many years heavily dominated by American athletes . How proud are you of all that you have achieved for not only yourself, but for your country?

Jamaica has a rich tradition of excellence in track and field all the way back from 1948 at the Olympic Games in London, we are simply carrying on that tradition. It is a great thing when you can represent your country.

Your fan base is phenomenal and your fans are not only in awe of your talent but of your humility which is evident within the numerous interviews you do on and off the track. How important is it to you to remain humble when recognising your achievements?

I do not think I have changed much with all the attention. Sometimes, I would like a little more privacy, but I am doing well so far. I have a great management team working with me and we do what is necessary to keep focused.

You have always been a natural sportsman and from a young age you demonstrated  talent in both cricket and football. However, it was the cricket coach that recognised the immense talent and speed you possessed in running. In the begining, your coach Pablo McNeil was frustrated by your predisposition to practical jokes. How and when did you finally become dedicated to your craft?

I did well at the national boys and girls champs but it was obvious after the World Junior Championships in Kingston in 2002. I think I have always been dedicated, but maybe I was misunderstood.

You are the fastest man in the world, three-time world olympic gold medalist. The World record holder for the world and Olympic 100 metre and 200 metres events and let’s not forget that you are also champion with your fellow countrymen in the 4×100 metre relay. How does it feel to know that you have achieved all of this at such a young age?

It is a great honour to have achieved so much, but I am not done yet.

Away from your fans, who would you say are your biggest supporters and why?

My family for sure. They have been with me every step of the way. I also have a very close friend, who is a part of my management team.

Let’s talk about the famous ‘pose’ that your strike when you win a race. Where did it come from, and how proud are you when people all around the world ‘do a bolt’?

That signature pose has helped to make me even more famous and it is interesting to watch when others do it. I do get a kick out of watching people do it. (smile)

Who or what in-spires you most within both your professional and personal life?

My coach, Glen Mills, has been a great inspiration and my management team and I work to keep things in order. My parents have also been good to have close by

Puma is a brand that we at In-spireLS admire. The support they show to countries like Jamaica and the African nations is pivotal within their rise within the sporting world. After winning the 200m title in the 2002 World Junior Championships in Kingston, Jamaica. You signed a sponsorship with the brand. What did it feel like to be gain this sponsorship?

PUMA has been around with me from start and they have maintained the relationship. We have done well so far and I am basically happy with how the relationship has grown.

You always appear so confident within your abilities. However, I am a firm believer that even those who appear to be blessed, have had to overcome some form  of barrier to get to where they are today. Throughout your life, have you had to come up against any major issues within either your professional and personal life. If yes, what steps have you taken to overcome them?

I have had a few injuries along the way, and I just work hard and believe that I will get better each time.

Describe the feeling that comes over you each time you sing your countries national anthem.

It is always a great feeling – representing your country is the ultimate.

Sport unites nations, this is one thing that cannot be denied. In a world that is tainted to extent by racism, what does it feel like to know that men, women and children, from all over the world no matter their race look up to and admire you for all that you have achieved?

The power of sport is incredible and in my quest to become a legend in the sport, I want to do my part in unifying people from all walks of life and from all corners of the world.

What sporting greats do you admire and why?

Jamaican Don Quarrie for his 200 metres races in the 70s; Kevin Garnett – basketballers; Ronaldo – footballer – they are all achievers amidst the challenges they face on a day to day basis.

Not only are you an accomplished sportsman but you are soon to be a published writer having signed a publishing deal for an autobiography due to be released in 2012. How excited are you about this venture?

I launched an illustrated autobiography in September 2010 and it is to be available in Czech language soon. I am excited, cause it gives people an opportunity to see another side of my life.

We are pleased to have the 2012 olympics in the UK and you coming here is a highlight! Your training schedule must be intense. What does your day-to-day fitness regime consist of? And when you are not in training, what do you do for leisure time?

My coach sets the programme and it varies dependent on what I am being prepared for. It runs from gym work, strength work, speed and fitness. When I am not training I play games (video) and go watch a movie occasionally.

How excited are you about the 2012 games and how positive are you about your participation in the games. What I really want to know is, are your going for Gold?!

My aim is to defend my titles and I am working hard at achieving that.

Do you have any positive mantras that you live by, if yes what are they?

Always work hard, the results will come.


Usain please round off our questions by completing these sentences…

I am at my best when….I am in good physical shape.

I am dedicated to…..everything I do and to making as much people happy as possible.

I am happiest when…. other people are happy and I am winning races.(of course)

I am most proud of…winning a gold medal for my country.

Focus can…..keep you grounded and get results.

I am a ‘Superman’ because…..I would not call myself a Superman – well at least not just yet  ;)



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