You may not know who Tony Gaskins is if you reside within the United Kingdom and if you do; you may not know many people who share your understanding of his work to date. Whether you know or don’t, believe me when I tell you that Tony is what ‘Supermen’ are made of.  From humble beginnings, Tony has changed his life and has become the voice of reason for thousands of people all over the world. An accomplished author, life/relationship coach, motivational speaker and film maker, Gaskins life could have taken quite a different path, after he stumbled onto a negative road. However, he took a new insight from these life changing events and made a pact with himself to instill a positive change. Read on to find out how he managed to change a positive into negative, learn how his time as a guest on both the Oprah Winfrey and Tyra shows catapulted him to stardom and gain more insight into how he manages his numerous commitments. Tony Gaskins, we salute you!

I have to ask, how do you manage to keep on top of all of your commitments?  Considering you are all of the above, not to mention a dedicated father and husband. How do you prioritise your workload?

TG: I plan my tomorrows, today. Every night I list the top 3 things that I must get done the next day. Each day has it’s own set of duties and I plan my days out down to the hour. God doesn’t make mistakes. Therefore if He has given us many gifts and talents then He will make sure that there is enough time in a day to use them.

Is there ever any times where you look back on all you have accomplished and become overwhelmed by all you have achieved. Or do you take it all in your stride?

TG: There are sometimes times that I look back and think, how did this all happen? But I snap out of it when I look to the future and realize how much farther I still have to go. In the grand scheme of things I haven’t even used 10% of my potential yet.

Although, you do state in your bio that you did have a rounded and stable childhood; you bypassed a typical route to your destiny and instead ventured onto a more dangerous path which saw you jeopardize a promising full football scholarship. What would you say were the factors behind you venturing onto this path?

TG: I was searching for meaning. I was seeking the approval of others, and I was going to learn lessons the hard way. I had an inner feeling that everything bad that I was doing was only for a season and that I would one day have a story to tell. Fortunately, that’s how it turned out.

Many things happen for a reason and had you not made the wrong decisions, you would not have found the untapped potential that you have free reign to now. How important has this learning curve been for you and even after all you have achieved, are you thankful for making the decisions you did?

TG: I don’t look at them as mistakes. I see them as lessons. Had I not done the negative things that I did in my past then I wouldn’t be able to reach the people that I’m reaching today. I realize that there are certain types of people for every leader to reach and not many can reach the ones that I am. So I’m thankful that my past experiences didn’t kill me, but I’m here today to tell a story and to help change the world.

You were fully on the path of self-destruction as you gravitated towards street life but it was after a wake up call that you made the decision to once and for all change your life for the better. What was this wake-up call?

TG: I had a car that I idolized, it was my everything.  It represented wealth,  status, respect, accomplishment, and so much more. I connected my net-worth to my self-worth. I didn’t realize that they don’t go hand in hand or better yet that they shouldn’t go hand in hand. Then I was robbed for my car and that came after almost losing my newborn son and my wife so it was the straw that broke the camels back. Then I vowed to change my life, my priorities, and my focus.

It was this event that was the inspiration behind you penning a tell all book entitled ‘What Daddy Should have Told? Having never written a book before, how difficult or easy was the project and what was the overall response to the book?

TG: I actually had already written the book, but it was after that happened that I decided to give my all to the project. Writing the book was easy for me; I am a writer and always have been. So it only took me a few days to write the book. The overall feedback of the book was that it’s a hard pill to swallow. It was my truth at that moment and 90% of it still holds true to this day and it has been 5 years ago since I wrote it.

It allowed you to gain the opportunity to teach women from all backgrounds about the secrets of dating. This also led to you writing the book ‘Reclaiming Our Youth’ which highlighted your own personal journey of living the street life and sharing the trials and pitfalls of this. How important was it for you at this point to share your story with others so that they would also make a positive change in their life?

TG: It’s my belief that as you live and learn you should also teach. No matter how young you are there is always someone younger that can learn from the lessons you’ve learned. So I feel it’s my duty to share with others the lessons I’m drawing out of life.

What was the overall feedback that you received from the book?

TG: I was told that the book was much needed. I didn’t promote it too heavily so I plan to release it again someday.

Do you receive feedback from your international readers?

TG: Yes, I receive feedback from my international readers often. They always seem to be more thankful and appreciative than the readers in America. Why? I don’t know. It’s just amazing to me to know that individuals from over 70 countries have read my work. That’s humbling.

I have had the pleasure of speaking with a number of reputable life coaches who have attained a great amount of wealth and fame from their work in helping others. However, with this has come with a high level of animosity. Since your rise to fame, have you had to face any forms of negativity, if yes, how have you dealt with it?

TG: Yes, I have to deal with negativity almost daily. Truthfully, it makes me work harder. They say the best revenge is success. It motivates me to work even harder. They hated my role model Jesus Christ and He is perfect, so I know they will hate me with all of my imperfections.

Having worked with so many people, you have been instrumental in changing the lives of thousands of people around the world. Do you have any examples of people you have helped who have reached out to you and expressed their gratitude to you for helping them to make a positive change to their own lives?

TG: I don’t really track my success because if I did it would go to my head. Let’s just say that I am thanked everyday by individuals who sat that my message has changed their life. But it’s not me so I can’t take credit for it. All of my wisdom comes from God. That’s the honest truth because I didn’t go to school or take a class for it.

In 2009, you were invited to the sets of the Oprah Winfrey Show and the Tyra Banks show and it was these opportunities that helped to catapult you to an even larger and international market.  What was your best experience of your time on both shows and how quickly did interest increase in your work after your time being a guest?

TG: I don’t have a best experience because they were both just business and apart of the mission. The happiest part is that my wife was by my side when I had to go on Oprah and tell my story of once being a controlling boyfriend in college. The response wasn’t immediate which is good thing is; It didn’t really pick up until about a year later.

Tony, although you did not set out to venture onto this path, your personal experiences led you to not only change your life for the better but also the lives of others . For those who are facing a life of turmoil and do not feel they can make a positive change in their lives. What words can you offer them?

TG: Just know that it’s deepening the plot and you need to embrace the struggle and know that you will come out on the other side and have a story to tell that can literally change the lives of millions. You aren’t going through it for no reason. There is a reason! Accept that and start preparing your praise report now!

What drives and motivates you the most within your life?

TG: I’m motivated by the fact that not everyone in the world has heard my story yet. So I won’t quit until I die.

What or who in-spires you the most?

TG: Jesus Christ

Although, you are one of the leaders of your field, what other life-coaches do you recommend actively respect?

TG: To be honest I don’t watch what others are doing. My eyes are on the prize and the mark of the high calling. I don’t really have time to look around and see what others are doing. I don’t know how much time I have on this Earth so my main focus is carrying out the mission that God has given me.

Do you have any positive quotations that you live by, if yes what are they?

TG: None more than any other, but I’ve coined thousands of quotes and they are pretty much all on my twitter timeline so that’s what I eat off of.

What would you say is the best thing about being you?

TG: I don’t feel there is anything more special about being me than there is about being anyone else. We all are suffering in some way, it’s just how we respond to it and the decisions we make that determine the difference.

What up and coming ventures do you have in the pipeline at the moment?

TG: I’m about to release my documentary, Where is he already?! I am also about to start my Mrs. Right Seminar Tour around the world starting in May.

Where and how can In-spireLS readers keep up with you?

TG: You can keep up with me on

Lastly, in the face of adversity, what would Tony do?

TG: Pray, believe, move!


Thank you Tony for answering our questions, please round them off by completing these sentences…

I am at my best when…… I’m walking in my purpose.

Passion is…….pursuing your purpose.

Dreams are………predictions of your future.

I am at my happiest when…. I’m awake.

Self- belief can…..start a movement!

Three words that best describe me are………. Humble, driven, and focused!

I am a ‘Superman’ because…….you said I am.


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