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5 Tracks You Need To Download NOW NOW NOW

You could take it as when the suns come out, so do we and in more ways than one. It’s officially blast out great music season and we’re so here for it. We’ve been totally obsessed with a few oldies and newbies of late and because we want to share the fun, we want you to be obsessed with them too. So much so, we’ve decided to make this a regular feature. So grab your ipod, log into I-Tunes and get read to enjoy the melodic vibes. I’ms starting to believe I’ve missed my ultimate calling and should have been a DJ! Enjoy!

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I really haven’t felt compelled to write a music review in a long time. Let’s just say that some musical movements can inspire me to put finger tip to key pad and then type profusely. That’s the impact the independent music artist and previous In-spire Lifestyles power women feature #Lioness has on me. There was a period where this phenomenal went away to raise her child and her absence was greatly felt. Having watched her live twice, it was her enigmatic performances and word play that always got the crowd fired up. So when Lioness returned, we all knew she would make her mark once a for all and she has not only done this, but has made it look effortlessly easy and all with 5 additional and equally extraordinary power women in tow.

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H.E.R @ Koko Bar

With complete sold out shows in London, the vocal sensation that is H.E.R finally graced us Londoners with her enigmatic presence. With doors opening at 7pm the front was already filled; yet with determination we still managed to squeeze our way to the front wanting to be as close to the R&B sensation as possible. The show was set to start no later than 9pm which allowed ample time for KOKO Bar to fill up.

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