#WanderLust | Great Places To Visit In North Wales

The breathtaking beauty of the North Wales coastline, mountains and forests are hard to miss. There’s a new view around every corner as you explore this unspoilt destination. Different features and effects appear from season to season, and even from day to day. However, North Wales is not all about wide open spaces and room to breathe. There are abundant places to tempt you away from the landscape, including towns, villages and tourist attractions to suit all ages and interests.

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#FashionINspired | How to Choose Sunglasses that Best Fit Your Style and Face

We all know and love that Horatio Caine signature move with his Silhouette shades, but would this iconic meme-worthy moment be so beloved around the world if he had chosen a different pair of glasses? Unlikely. With that in mind, there’s a unique charisma and sass in each and every one of us, waiting patiently to be brought to the surface with the right accessories, because nothing can accent your best features quite like a well-chosen detail.

To find your own Horatio-worthy pair of eyewear, it’s essential to know your face and use your most prominent features to find the perfect frame, color, and style that will complement your entire look.

Photo by Caitlyn Hastings on Unsplash

Determine your face shape

Photo by Conner Baker on Unsplash

No need to bring out the measuring tape, although some perfectionists among you might feel the need to do just that. It’s more than enough to determine with your own fingers as a point of reference, if your forehead is wider than the rest of your face, and your chin is sharp and narrow, which makes it heart-shaped, or if your forehead and jawline are prominent and strong, meaning that you’re in the “square face” team.

Oval-shaped faces are lengthy and predominantly narrow, although your chin may be slightly narrower than your forehead, but the difference is not as obvious as with your heart-shaped folks. Finally, if your face width and length are almost the same, you have a round face. A general rule of thumb is to choose the opposite for your eyewear, to give your features some balance, but now that you know your shape, let’s delve into details!

The lucky ovals

Photo by Carli Jeen on Unsplash

This is a particularly eyewear-friendly shape that gives you plenty of room for playful choices for any occasion. From the classic aviators, the timeless John Lennon shades, all the way to a sharp pair of cat eye shades, you can take your pick as long as you keep the width within the boundaries of your face.

Another feature to keep in mind is to go for lighter frames, and avoid overly chunky, heavy ones that will look too “heavy” for your facial anatomy.

The queen of hearts

Photo by Jamakassi on Unsplash

Beauties such as Scarlett Johansson and Naomi Campbell boast this tricky facial shape, and they rock classic eyewear the best, although other options can come in handy and emphasize your lovely cheekbones just as well. However, for those among you with a petite, soft face, it’s wise to stick to lighter frames (or no frames at all) and never for oversized.

But generally speaking, if your features are sharp and prominent, some size cannot do any harm, on the contrary! Even a bulkier, decorated frame can do wonders for such a look, and wearing aviator-shaped Quay sunglasses in any color can mimic your facial structure. This is a rare opportunity, since the previously-mentioned rule doesn’t restrict your options when you have heart-shaped features.

Square for rounds

Photo by frankie cordoba on Unsplash

Now to turn to those that attract their opposites, for those that have a round, relatively proportionate face in terms of length and width, you will best complement your style with sharp, square frames. This is a simple trick to create an “optical illusion” of more prominent cheekbones.

Another great option that will especially work well with shorter haircuts are the wayfarers, whose geometry lends a few fun angles to your appearance. That said, avoid round and small eyewear as much as possible, as they will only give extra fullness to your look.

Round for squares

Photo by Emmanuel Bior on Unsplash

An edgy profile needs some softening from your accessory ensemble, hence the need to find a curvy pair of sunglasses to even out those sharp angles. Some added width is also a good idea, to create the illusion of more delicate lines on the sides. However, don’t shy away from playing with texture and color when choosing the right frame, as these qualities can go a long way in shifting the focus from the edges to the details, and they can lend your outline a rounder look.

If you have a preference for quirky and eccentric, then the Miu Miu butterfly frame glasses may be your go-to pair. There are other butterfly varieties you can opt for, and this playful shape allows you to mix it with a pastel tone and a lightweight frame, to elevate your entire look and give you a note of elegance and subtlety.




W| By Claire Hastings                                                     Via @InspireLSTrends

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#BeINspired | Forget New Years Resolutions, Start Something New Today

Being that it is the second month of the New Year, many of us will be in despair as we realised we have failed at sticking to our new year’s resolutions. (We have all been there so don’t you worry about it). In the run up to 2018, it is customary for people to start putting together plans and ideas for the coming year and with that will come the usual New Year promises and resolutions. I, myself, have a routine where during the last week of the year, I would sit down and put together my plans for the coming year. Continue Reading

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#InspireLSHome | 4 Tips For Getting on the Property Ladder

The first step onto the property ladder is always the most difficult. Matt Stevens is the Director of The Mortgage Genie. Here, he shares his top tips to help you move into your first home.

With sky-high property prices and lenders requiring increasingly huge deposits, there’s never been a tougher time to get on the property ladder. If you’d love to have the freedom and stability that home-ownership can bring, but don’t know where to start, I’ve shared four tips to help you get one step closer to your dream home. Just read on to learn everything you need to know, including how to save for a deposit, how to get a great deal on your mortgage, and the other costs you’ll need to consider when buying a house.

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#PowerMan | Lydia Amoah Meets Swedish Singer/Songwriter John Lundvik

I am sat in the luxurious five-star Clarion Hotel Sign, in Stockholm, waiting to interview 34-year-old Swedish singer-songwriter John Lundvik. I am wondering what he will be like in person after hearing so many great things about his talent and soulful voice, when in steps a young handsome man with the broadest and most open smile, and I know that In-spire LS readers are about to be dazzled.

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#FashionINspired | Golden Globes 2018

Sunday night’s 75th Golden Globe awards was an awards show like no other. The red carpet was a platform not only for style, but for solidarity in protest against the epidemic of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry and beyond.

In the run-up to the event stars took to social media to support the newly launched Times Up movement through the hashtag #whywewearblack. Far from being limiting, the all-black dress code created the opportunity for stars and their stylists to create meaningful and creative looks with their fashion choices.

Scroll down to see my favourite looks of the evening….

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#InspireLSBeauty | Eat Your Way To Whiter Teeth With These Simple Foods

Dental health is an important key to living a healthy life! You’ve heard that plenty of foods can be harmful to your teeth. In an effort to maintain those sparkly whites, many of us avoid coffee, tea, and other enamel staining foods. For years, dental professionals have warned us about the impacts certain foods can have on your oral health. But, what if you could enjoy your favorite foods without the need to worry about yellowing your teeth? There are actually several foods that help naturally whiten your teeth. Combined with effective dentist approved whitening products, such as Crest whitening strips, you can eat your way to a beautiful smile! Read on to find out which foods can actually naturally whiten your teeth!

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#InspireLSCareers | How to Create a Business Plan for Your Beauty Salon

Starting your own business isn’t something that should be taken lightly, especially when you are on the budget and you plan to make a living out of it. Your beauty salon business plan should be impeccable and without any miscalculations or mistakes if you want to start on the right track.

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