Richi Watson is the CEO of positive lifestyle brand Life Well UK and the Founder of the acclaimed The Wellbeing Now SeminarThe Wellbeing Now Seminar emanates on April 22-23 inside the Clifftown Theater in Southend, Essex and is an uplifting and inspirational weekend of positive lifestyle seminars delivered from acclaimed special guests designed to transform and enrich lives spiritually, mentally and physically; Richi Watson hosts The Wellbeing Now Seminar.

The inspirational Life Well UK Founder – who resides in Leigh-on-Sea – uncovered empowerment tools for self-healing during childhood adversity with debilitating illness and subsequently discovered a unwavering mental approach to life which fully enabled him to overcome massive circumstances and obstacles. Watson’s academic journey studying Philosophy, Psychology and Buddhism was cut short via poor physical health. However, life provided a different kind of education and opportunity for rich enlightenment by way of Life Well UK.

The Wellbeing Now Seminar Founder Richi Watson had already climbed a larger-than-life mountain using integrative lifestyle approaches to thoroughly heal his body of chronic health conditions in his late twenties and overcoming severe anxiety. Moreover, Richi Watson‘s finest challenge came when his beloved wife Donna-Marie descended into very severe mental illness post-birth of their daughter.

With challenges continuing to mount to unprecedented levels, Richi Watson needed to deeply delve far deeper into his own self-mastery in order to help care for Donna-Marie, remain free of the abuse directed at him and proudly raise his daughter to live a prosperoud and healthy life.

The inspirational Life Freedom Teacher and Philosopher risen above the nature of his wife’s mental and emotional struggles and uncovered exponential insight into the virtue of life experience, the chief reason behind our internal and external struggles and how we can set ourselves free once and for all. In turn, Richi Watson inspirationally delved into an entirely different experience of life himself with a whole new meaning of emotional and spiritual liberation and was able to assist his wife Donna-Marie to make an incredible recovery and finally find what she needed – freedom and wellbeing.

3-time Award-winning and Future 100 certified In-spire LS Magazine caught up with Life Well UK CEO and The Wellbeing Now Seminar Founder/Host Richi Watson to discuss the forthcoming motivational The Wellbeing Now Seminar hosted inside the Clifftown Theater in Southend on April 22-23, the success and formation of Life Well UK, transforming and inspiring lives, the special guests who will be appearing at The Wellbeing Now Seminar, words of wisdom for readers and much more in this exclusive interview available only on In-spire LS Magazine.

First and foremost Richi, The Wellbeing Now Seminar emanates on April 22-23 inside the Clifftown Theatre in Southend, Essex. What ultimately inspired you to create The Wellbeing Now Seminar?

I wanted to bring together world class speakers from different areas of wellbeing guidance but with a common message that we can step into a new experience of life now that the trajectory of positive change is a single step away. I wanted to create an experience in which it would be near-impossible to leave without feeling inspired, empowered and connected and I wanted to bring this to my hometown to create something wonderful for my community.

A diverse array of acclaimed special guests will be headlining the highly inspirational The Wellbeing Now Seminar. Can you enlighten the audience more about the special guests who will be present at the forthcoming The Wellbeing Now Seminar?

It’s extraordinary. We have six Hay House published authors at this show (The Wellbeing Now Seminar)! Hay House being the leading publishers of self-development literature in the world. All ten of our speakers are leaders in their fields and have distinct insights to offer into the mix for experiencing and creating wellbeing and life freedom.

The Wellbeing Now Seminar offers a weekend of motivation and inspirational life-changing transformation to sooth and heal the mind, body and soul. How much has The Wellbeing Now Seminar transformed lives based on the uplifting testimonies in which you have heard?

When we read back the contents of the comment box from last years show we were astonished to find out that every single guest had left a remark of how the show had impacted and benefited them. That simply does not happen at any event I know of! We get messages throughout the year of how people’s lives have changed since they attended our seminars. It’s humbling and beautiful and there are too many standout stories of transformation to list!

When did you create Life Well UK and what is the greatest affirmation and satisfaction that you personally receive with the Life Well UK brand?

I created LifeWell UK in 2011 to bring people together and to help them create meaningful change in their lives, while embodying ultra integrity and radical helpfulness – A holistic business model which represents a social evolution which we need to step into starting now. So far, it’s mission accomplished and we’ve only just begun!

What separates The Wellbeing Now Seminar from other positive lifestyle seminars?

The community spirit at our shows is like no other event. it’s a major part of what inspires our guests into such profound shifts in perspective. Effective change work is facilitated experientially more than philosophically. All of us are yearning to connect deeply with others and within the first morning we experience that connection. It’s wonderful to behold and to be a part of.

Also, we come from a place of integrative context, which means rather than hear you must do this or that to get results. We reveal it’s sometimes this and it might also be that, which is how life works. There’s a disease of absolutism out there which takes something which is partially true and tries to make it into 100% true for all people and all circumstances, which is unhelpful and deeply misguided.

How beneficial has it been for your long-term happiness, mental health and wellbeing as a resident in the happiest town in the United Kingdom in that of Leigh-on-Sea?

Mine and Leigh On Sea’s happiness is a chicken and egg scenario.

UK Health Radio and successful Essex-based news publication The Echo are among some of the reputable media groups which have actively supported Life Well UK and the Wellbeing Now Seminar. How excited are you that 3-time Award-winning In-spire LS Magazine will be on hand to officially provide full coverage for the forthcoming The Wellbeing Now Seminar on April 22-23?

If you build it they will come. It’s been great to connect with the guys at In-spire LS and I know our special show is in good hands!

Nakd Wholefoods, Equinox Kombucha and Squeeze Café are all official supporters of Life Well UK. Can you touch on the healthy food which will be available at the forthcoming The Wellbeing Now Seminar?

We will be revealing some ninja ways we can get life-changing nutrition into our daily lifestyle in the forms of natural wholefoods recipes which are tasty and satisfying in a way it’s difficult to express! We have author of ‘The Uncook Book’ Tanya Maher joining us and the geniuses from ‘Paradise Unbakery’. We always see a weekend of ‘wow’ faces when people try the food at our shows and their lives instantly become that little bit better.

What is the greatest element about being a Life Freedom Teacher and Philosopher?

Right before I began this interview, I had a one-to-one session with a great guy who has been suffering from chronic anxiety for many years. After one workshop, he’s already been experiencing more inner freedom. Being of service in that way is the best thing about what I do.

Last but not least Richi, what inspirational words of wisdom do you have for In-spire LS Magazine readers who want to change their life once and for all?

I have some very good news to share. Happiness, creativity and inspiration are our default settings and once you know how to find your entry points into experiencing them as the foundation of your life, transformation bursts from within you. There is no long journey. There is a moment to moment feeling into freedom. When the way is revealed to us, we can step into an entirely different experience of life starting right now.


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