Sutta most recently released and celebrated the highly awaited release of well-received debut studio album entitled “I Say Yes”. The multi-talented Miami-born entertainer initially gained global recognition and fame as an integral part of the internationally revered female pop group The Pussycat Dolls and J. Sutta is currently ready to firmly establish her position as a certified female force in the dance-pop world with the release of “I Say Yes”.

As a pivotal part of The Pussycat Dolls, the feisty and sassy burlesque pop group took the entertainment industry by storm and became the bestselling female group of the past decade, the bestselling female group of the digital era and the fourth bestselling female pop group in the history of the music industry; The Pussycat Dolls have sold over 54 million records worldwide and VH1 named The Pussycat Dolls as one of the 100 Greatest Women in MusicBillboard officially ranked The Pussycat Dolls as one of the bestselling acts of the decade.

Since the worldwide success of The Pussycat DollsJ. Sutta has fully established herself as a solo dance-pop artist and has succeeded with her female empowering anthems and liberating dance-pop party hits. J. Sutta’s hit single “Forever” lifted from brand new studio album “I Say Yes” has garnered mainstream radio play from marquee radio stations nationally and released debut mix-tape “Feline Resurrection” in 2016 which features collaborations with Rico Love and Cyhi the Prince.

I Say Yes” standout track “Distortion” was released as the second single from “I Say Yes” and the music video succeeded on VEVO. “Distortion” peaked at #1 on US Dance Club Songs Chart and thereafter the success of “Forever” and “Distortion”, J. Sutta released “When a Girl Loves a Boy” featuring GRAMMY Awardwinning international superstar Pitbull.

Sutta’s dance-pop hit “Forever” officially premiered on more than fifteen reputable international mainstream media outlets including: FOX News MagazineThe SunBustleIdolatorEDM Sauce,  Galore,  Perez HiltonEDM Tunes and many more popular publications.  “Forever” was also named on Spotify’s Weekend Buzz playlist and additionally on iTunes ‘Top Track This Week’ in Pop.  The “Forever” music video was released exclusively on VEVO’s homepage and reached 1.17 million views within the first two weeks.

3-time Award-winning In-spire LS Magazine caught up with “I Say Yes” dance-pop hit-maker and former Pussycat Dolls star J. Sutta to talk about the success of “I Say Yes”, the message behind the songs on “I Say Yes“, The Pussycat Dolls, the importance of empowering women, making major career decisions, her all-time musical influences and much more only on In-spire LS Magazine.

Recently released debut studio album “I Say Yes” has garnered both positive support and firm traction to establish your continuity as a fully fledged and credible solo artist. What is the meaning behind the title “I Say Yes”?

It is all about persistence against the odds. When you receive a thousand no’s the next one might be the yes you have been working towards, so you must never quit. I have experienced a lot of that in life and it is that much more rewarding when you start to witness your goals coming to fruition.

“I Say Yes” features high-profile collaborations with Pitbull, Rico Love, Hopsin and Fuse ODG. What do you personally feel these acts ultimately added to the album?

Well Rico is an executive producer on the album and wrote a lot of it, too. His talent is mesmerizing. You have to see his process to fully appreciate it. He is authentically a genius and the song we did together and the rest of his guidance and contributions have been immeasurably valuable throughout.

Fuse is unique talent and is filled with such infectious positive energy. I love his voice, his song writing and I respect the things he stands for a lot. We all met at my home in LA the day after he had performed at Coachella and we hung out and partied together and played our music to one another. The friendship and collaboration was super organic based on vibes and a mutual respect. I think the end product was a really unique and fun song which is definitely one of my favorites.

Hopsin is an artist I have been a fan of and I asked him to collab on the project. Only minutes after we sent him the song he sent it back with his verse on it and I loved it. I think it definitely adds to the song and he embodied an opposing and more positive perspective in the narrative of the song.

Lead single “Forever” which is lifted from “I Say Yes” has essentially set the tone of the record very well. Can you inform the audience at home more about the message behind the song?

“Forever” is about being present in a moment that brings you pure ecstasy and joy. In that moment you realize how happy you are and how good you feel that you never want it to go away. It’s about wishing that the feeling in that moment would last forever.

“When A Girl Loves A Boy” featuring Pitbull is a record which has received positive feedback from critics and fans alike. What do you personally adore most about this song?

It is a song about achieving an unconditional love with someone and how far you would be willing to go to maintain it. It’s about the feeling when you love someone more than yourself and you’re willing to back the statement up with whatever actions it would take.


“Distortion” peaked at #1 on the US Dance Club Songs Chart. How validating is it to know that your fans have responded so positively to your music?

It is a great feeling to connect with fans by doing what I love to do the most. I’m sincerely honored. I love my fans and am fueled and inspired by them daily.

What do you feel musically differentiates “I Say Yes” from previously released mixtape “Feline Resurrection”?

I think that Feline Resurrection was a bridge of self discovery and a cathartic process of burning through feelings, emotions and actions which no longer served me. It was highly experimental and I just feel I really got to know myself throughout making and performing the songs. It felt sort of ritualistic in a sense…like a coming of age. It also led me to where I am now musically and as a person, so it was an important part of the journey as a whole.

“I Say Yes” is a story of love, hate, making up, breaking up, addiction and overcoming all of the challenges that come with those things. It is far more flowy and cohesive as a body of work. I’m really proud of “I Say Yes” representing me today as my debut album.

What do you feel has been the biggest decision you’ve had to make as an artist?

Leaving the (Pussycat) Dolls I guess would be the biggest decision I had to make. I knew it was time to try to explore my own artistry. It was tough to leave the guarantees and security that came with that job but it ultimately limited my freedom to develop as an artist. I knew I had my own identity to find and it was impossible to find it with the restrictions that being in the group came with.

The Pussycat Dolls have sold over 54 million records worldwide and created female empowering global pop anthems such as “Don’t Cha”, “Stickwitu”, “Buttons”, “Beep”, “I Don’t Need A Man”, “Wait A Minute”, “When I Grow Up”, “I Hate This Part” and “Whatcha Think About That”. What are your personal highlights of being such an integral part of one of the most influential female pop groups of all-time?

Everything happened so fast and we had a huge machine behind us. It was truly an unbelievable opportunity to gain a fast track education in the business and in live performance. I would never change my experience and value all the time spent in the group highly. I learned a lot fast. As much as there were so many great things that came with being a Pussycat Doll, I never really got to feel that I had true ownership over it. I was a back up dancer with muzzled talent. Again, I signed up for it and own that and loved it until I stopped loving it and then it was time to go.


Who do you cite as your all-time musical influences?

If we include performance into the equation, I would say Michael and Janet Jackson, Madonna and Kylie. I love listening to old school Radiohead and Oasis probably more than most. I’m also definitely influenced by a lot of house music, old and new.

Will you be touring the United Kingdom to promote “I Say Yes”?

I hope so, I would love that. I love the UK and have spent lots of time there. There is a stigma attached to being a former PCD on radio over there, so that’s an obstacle I hope to overcome with the music I am making now. People will have their own misconceptions of you until something you do catches their attention in a bigger way than the misconceptions they have been hanging onto.

Definitely not knocking anyone elses hustle, but I have no interest in doing things like reality TV or anything else to get famous quick. I want to succeed in music and music only.

Last but certainly not least, what message do you have for women out there who are currently going through a tumultuous period in their life and are looking to achieve their dreams?

Firstly, I would say that whatever you are going through is not forever. It will pass. When I remind myself of that during the most challenging times, it is always a comfort. Then I would say, whatever it is that is causing pain and suffering, try to remember that you are not that pain. You are much bigger than your problems. We magnify our problems through our perception of them. We have been taught to panic and tend to make things much bigger in our minds than they really are. We can reduce the size of our problems just by breathing and evaluating them with a fresh and positive perspective. Focusing on solutions rather than the problems is a huge help too.

Simple meditation is an incredibly powerful tool that I would also recommend. It has saved my butt numerous times.

Lastly, remember that you are amazing and beautiful and the more you get to know that about yourself the less you tend to give a damn what anyone else thinks of you.


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