Okay, so I was a tad bit excited when I got told I would be able to catch up with Grammy Award winning Superstar Ashanti in the run up to her massive joint gig at London’s 02 Indigo with RnB legend Joe. I had a million and one things I wanted to ask her, but was warned I had to keep it short and snappy. The result? 5 minutes with a musical legend and I must say; 5 minutes well spent!

Have you got your tickets yet?!

We absolutely love you in the UK and you have some dedicated supporters here so we’re pleased that you’re coming over to perform with none other than Joe on Saturday 25th February at London’s 02 Indigo. When did you make the decision to come over to the UK and when did the collaboration with R&B music legend Joe come into fruition?

I received the call from my people before the Christmas holidays.

Will we be hearing your classics such as Foolish, Only You, Happy (I’m clearly listing my favourites here!) or will the show be a mix of more recent tracks and never before heard musical offerings?

Of course some classics and some new music.

Ashanti (2)

Your career has been phenomenal to date, from your debut self –titled album ‘Ashanti’ topping the Billboard album chart to you winning the Grammy for Best Contemporary R&B album; as well as a whole host of other notable achievements. Do you ever still feel dumbfounded that you have achieved all these things? 

Sometimes it feels surreal to be living my dream and I’m always humble and grateful. 🙂

No matter how successful we are as people, we all have moments of self-doubt or times when we feel like we have a battle to overcome. How do you encourage and empower yourself when you have down days?

I think about all the love from the fans and how my music has had a powerful effect on people.  No matter how hard it is, it is a blessing to be able to do what I love.

What can your fans expect from your show at the 02?

We are going to have a BIG PARTY ON STAGE, be prepared to have fun and go home “horse”! I can’t wait!


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