PM Theresa May just have check mated the country….

Today saw the announcement of a snap general election on the 8th of June 2017; a surprising historical U-turn by Prime Minster May who previously stated on several occasions that an early election wouldn’t happen, so what has changed her mind?

The only way I can explain Theresa May is that she is the one person I would not want to play Poker against. This woman has more card tricks than a magician. Anyone that plays video games such as Call of Duty would recognise that Theresa May is the player that finds the best camping spots and shoots you when you least expect it. If you look at the last year and Theresa May a little deeper you will notice that this woman has more A Game than the whole A Team

When the entire country was debating in or out of the EU, Theresa sat back silently pretending to be on the remain team knowing if they lost David Cameron would quickly exit and Boris was no competition for Prime Minister. She grabbed her PM title and decided that the country needed a HARD Brexit (Please note that she was a remain voter apparently lol) so a hard Brexit was not expected.

Some reasons why I think Theresa May, may of called a snap election:


  • The Labour party have fallen apart since the EU referendum, with Labour MP’s and members unhappy with Jeremy Corbyns leadership skills (Another secret brexiter) they seem to be opposing each other more than the opposition and with around 6 weeks until the election I doubt they will manage to pull it together and regain the publics confidence in them.
  • UKIP are dead in the water the one party that was cleaning up the Labour votes in the last generals lost their leader Farage right after the EU referendum and let’s be honest their current leader Paul Nuttall hasn’t really gone down well with the public after the Hillsbourgh scandal. Their only MP was Douglas Carswell and he recently left UKIP to go independent so all those UKIP votes will no doubt go to the Tories.
  • Nicola Sturgeon unlike Theresa May doesn’t play her cards right SNP leader / First Minister of Scotland has been like a little Yorkshire terrier snapping at Theresa May’s ankles since the EU referendum results making demands for us to stay in the EU and requesting that Scotland get another referendum to leave the UK. You only have to look at the polls to see that most Scottish people; although majority were remain voters do not want an independent Scotland away from the UK so whilst Nicola Sturgeon keeps on barking unwanted demands on behalf of the people in Scotland Theresa May could be playing all her aces by gaining Scottish Tory votes and wiping out Sturgeon all together.
  • When it comes to Brexit not a sole on this planet knows what the benefits / consequences are going to be for the British when we finally leave the EU in two years time and with Theresa May advocating for a hard Brexit this snap election is likely to increase the Tories seats from 17 – 100 which would give PM May’s personal mandate for Brexit a significant authority in the negotiations.
  • Side stepping the 2020 generals, in 2019 we are supposed to be out of the EU and whatever the consequences of that are could of cost the Conservatives dearly in the 2020 generals. The snap election will give the Tory camp enough breathing space to clean up the aftermath of Brexit.
  • The Brexit voters vote- I mean come on anyone that voted Brexit are not likely to vote for Labour or any other Pro-EU party in case they do a U-Turn and call for a second EU referendum or a soft Brexit – Mrs May knows that she will secure a majority of these voters votes just for her defiant hard Brexit stance.
  • Opinion polls suggest that the Conservatives currently have a 21-point lead over Labour the last time the Tory government was that ahead was in 1983 elections when good old Maggie Thatcher won 144 seat majority with Labour at it’s knees the odds are in Theresa May’s favor and she knows it.

All I can say is everyone underestimated Theresa May and her clever politics with support from the failing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to go ahead with the snap election on the 8th of June even though the odds are in the Conservatives favour and he faces the biggest loss in a generals since 1983 it looks like the Conservatives will remain in government for a further 5 years in total control of Brexit negotiations.

The only people a snap election benefits is the Conservative party I personally think we should do either the generals in 2020 or a snap election right after we officially leave the EU in 2019 it’s unfair once again to put this to the people of Britain when so much is in the air with Brexit. I doubt I will vote on the 8th of June whom does the everyday working class person vote for when the Members of Parliament are such a mess.





W| By Katie Ryan                                                                                     @KatieInspireLS

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