Tory Lanez first came into my view back in 2015 when he crashed onto the music scene with his debut studio album ‘I Told You’. His music is a fusion of RnB, Trap and Dancehall which leaves you with no choice but to move and get down. His music is put simply infectious and it is the ‘infectious’ beats of his music which has seen his star rise high and his fan base rise even higher.

The new generation of RnB which infuses so many different sounds is never easy to predict. You’re never quite able to gauge what feeling it will evoke in your body. Tory Lanez is definitely one of those artists; that literally came onto the scene; straight off of soundcloud with a million plays.

Seeing him live at the 02 forum was surely one of those events that I won’t be able to forget in a hurry. Apart from the show being sold out and packed to the brim. His vocals were so strong that he took me by surprise. I had heard his work so I knew he would be good, but I had no idea that he would be this good! Those artists that appear from no where so to speak are ones that I am often weary of as I’m never convinced that they will quite meet the hype. However, Tory far outdone any expectations I could have of him. He was exceptional to say the least. He took it THERE!. He was funny and engaging and fully interacted with his listeners. He was receptive to the needs and wants of his audience. That’s what true entertainers are capable of.

He even asked the audience; what they came for. He knew they never came with their fresh haircuts and were not ready to stand there and not get down to party. Lanez had every intention to drop the fire and ensure his audience were fully engaged. He had ENERGY and he dropped his classics like ‘Controlla’.

If this wasn’t enough; he then said he was going to walk on the people! and when I say walking on the people; I mean crowd surfing in an entire different way. He set out a goal and said yes, I’m going to climb up there to that top balcony. Now that balcony was at least 15 feet. I looked at him and I honestly believed he was buzzing.

But believe me when I say that he did just that! He walked across the sea of people and somehow levitated to that first floor balcony. When I say that was the way to close a show. I say that was a way to close a show. I’m not going to lie to you; I was thoroughly impressed.

Would I see him again? Most definitely; without hesitation. But I will have to add, don’t wear any white trainers. They won’t survive the night. It’s a major party, get ready to go crazy. There are simply no games played when Tory Lanez is in your town.

Tory Lanez album is an ecclectic mix of seductive jams carefully intertwined with 90’s music samplings. There is no doubt that he represents a new sound; one that represents a new form of RnB for our generation. He is one definitely to keep an eye on if you haven’t done so already.


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W| By Jason De Grey                                         @JasonDeGrey

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