Now the name Raye has been on everyone’s lips ever since featuring on Jonas Blue’s 2016 smash single ‘By Your Side’. More recently, you may recognise Raye from her feature on Jax Jones ‘You Don’t Know Me’.

The singer/songwriter’s music style is a mix of RnB with a twist of Jazz; this can be heard quite vividly on her music track ‘Alien’. To be completely honest; I wasn’t a major fan of her first musical offering mainly because I didn’t feel the visuals matched the tracks and I am a very visual person so always look for depth in this area more than anything. However, I am one to give talented artists a chance so I gave it a second listen. I bought it from iTunes (Yes, I put my money where my mouth is and support UK talent!) One thing I will say is that it had a ‘catchy vibe’.

Raye’s mix of RnB, Jazz infused is exceptional. The way she structures her ‘pre choruses’ is also on another level; then there are the chords. It’s almost if you’re listening to pop tracks, but they’re not quite that either. It’s almost as it Raye has created her own musical genre; one where she sits perfectly within.

So how was the live show? Considering it was her first solo headliner show it was quite good. There were a few technical hitches however this did not affect her performance overall. However, it was her first show and her performance and the energy she gave to the crowd and the energy they gave in return was epic.



image4 (1)

She is definitely an artist to keep your eyes on. As we approach the festival season, if you see Raye on the line up; make sure you get your hands on some tickets. She’d be worth every penny.



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W| Words, Video and Images by Jason De Grey

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