I really am loving the music that is emerging from the UK at the moment. The talent that we have on our shores are versatile and vibrant and many artists have reignited my passion in the music scene in general as I can honestly say for a while; I simply stopped listening to music; tending instead to focus on classics and the typical throwbacks. Mr Williams is one of those artists who’re consistently putting out top quality and fun party tracks that are perfect for any setting. Back with the first official track from his forthcoming E.P ‘These Days’, Mr Williams is one of my artists to watch.

‘The Wknd’ is all about him meeting someone and just enjoying their company; without any strings attached. Of course; when it comes to men and women; things are never that simple, but we can dream right? ‘The Wknd’ is the perfect song to just laze back with your friends and listen to. Or you can follow my lead and jam to it in your car (it makes any journey go that much faster!)

I had the pleasure of watching Mr Williams live last year and he is an exciting talent with great promise. ‘The Wknd’ is only a tiny snippet of what else Mr Williams has in store.

‘The Wknd’ is out now and available across all digital platforms.

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