There was no denying that X Factor stars Rough Copy were talented. However, perhaps the UK were not ready for what they had to offer. After breaking up, it was uncertain what the members would go onto next, however after following the movements of Josepeh (DopeBoyRC on social media) and loving his style blogging and other creative ventures it became apparent that he was destined for major success.

He revealed a number of months ago that he was embarking on a solo venture and would be working on new material. Fast forward to November 2017 and Joseph has released the official video to his solo debut ‘Finally Found It’.

After months of watching teaser snippets and hearing part of the track on Itunes, I can honestly say that Joseph is a MAJOR talent and one that has the potential to ascend to higher heights.

‘Finally Found It’ is filled with raw emotion and shows off Joseph’s impressive vocal range. With hints of a MJ influence, Joseph still manages to hone his identity and produce a performance that is worthy of superstar status.

The heartfelt words are effortlessly complimented by stellar visuals shot by the talented visual creative Ash Riley. Shot in Iceland, the epic shots of waterfalls and endless landscape create 4 minutes of entertaining viewing.

The talent emerging from the UK continues to impress me and Joseph is yet another talent that is making his mark and releasing quality work.  If this is the standard he continue to produce, 2018 will be a phenomenal year for this talented singer/songwriter. Watch this space!


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W| By Sasha Shantel                            @SashaShantelVIP           Via #InspireLSMusic

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