I’m liking the sound of this; let me press the pause button, hit replay and turn up the bass!.  Yes, this is my immediate reaction after hearing what is a ‘stand out’ and ‘stellar’ musical offering by the critically acclaimed producer and musician Chase N. Cashe. From making music at the young age of 17, Chase N. Cashe has built up a credible producer resume having gone on to create groundbreaking tracks such as ‘Drop The World’ – Lil Wayne featuring Eminem, ReBirth 2010 and one of my personal favourite tracks ‘Look What You’ve Done’ from the Grammy Award-winning Album of the Year ‘Take Care’ by Drake.

It really is no surprise that this hit music maker is stepping out into the forefront and carving his mark on Hip-Hop by releasing a number of solo  and collaborative projects with the phenomenal “The Black Jesus” EP – a project created with Jansport J being one of them.
The lead track ‘The Black Jesus’ is truly epic. The 1960’s style sampling provides a strong foundation for the rest of the track. The background vocals are provided by another talented musical creative in the shape of singer Phil Sylve of Cool Nasty.  It is not only the beat which is strong and infectious from the off but the lyrical content exudes true depth to it also.
“Dear God you gotta see this, it’s the return of the Black Jesus”
Chase N.Cashe effortlessly drops his bars and takes you through 3.39 secs of musical exploration.
Those who appreciate old skool Hip-Hop will immediately recognise the beauty of this track. It doesn’t need unnecessary expletives, or gestures to make a point; Chase N.Cashe solidly gets his thoughts across.
The visuals are classy too. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful blue skyline and a figure that commands attention set precisely in the centre of it all.
I’ve been looking for  standout artist who can evoke real emotion from me as a listener. I was heavy reliant on the likes of J.Cole, 2Pac,  Kendrick and Nas for my impact filled and socially conscious  rap music. However, I can honestly say; Chase N.Cashe is another legend in the making.
‘The Black Jesus’ is a top track from a truly talented artist and Chase N.Cashe is someone I will be keeping my eyes on; it’s evident he has his finger on the musical pulse and has even more greatness to offer. Watch this space.
W| By Sasha Shantel                               @SashaShantelVIP                                      via @InspireLSMusic

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