Israeli-American international music duo O&O are currently anticipating the release of brand new country-esque single “Traveling” where all proceeds of the single will be donated to registered charity Youth Music; O&O recently supported Australian Music Award nominees The Germein Sisters in London, United Kingdom.

The very talented O&O have performed marquee live shows in New York City, New York as well as Nashville, Tennessee, coupled alongside critically acclaimed shows throughout Colorado; Colorado native Obadiah Jones met Israeli vocalist/songwriter Orian Peled at Sir Paul McCartney‘s Liverpool Institute for  Performing Arts (LIPA) in Liverpool, United Kingdom.
Youth Music has officially created and organized over 350 music-related philanthropic projects for around 75,000 children and young people experiencing deep adversity and overwhelming circumstances in life.
O&O performed live at Youth Music‘s highly inspirational and empowering Give a Gig Week in November 2016 and the popular Give a Gig Week events continuously raise funds and awareness for Youth Music.
O&O were largely inspired by the Youth Music Give a Gig Week experience and the talented Israeli-American duo continues to collaborate with registered charity Youth Music as O&O launch brand new single “Traveling“.
The very inspirational O&O are presently organizing live performances and charity-related events in conjunction with Network Rail and Busk In London, which in turn will witness O&O performing philanthropic-related live shows at London Network Rail Stations where all donations will be aided for registered charity Youth Music.
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