July has only just begun but we already have something to look next month. Wiretree’s fourth album, Get Up is out on 19th August and by the looks of things it’s going to sound as woozy and funky as ever.

Since his first LP, Bouldin had been released in 2007; Kevin Peroni and his band mates have worked hard throughout the years. Despite their work being appreciated by many (labelled by Blurt Magazine their “Best Kept Secret” in 2009) they have not yet quite made it.

Get Up is said to be a cohesive set off songs inspired by English bands such as Radiohead and the Kinks. On the other hand, there is Kevin’s appreciation for American groups and the likes of Granddaddy and Dylan.

As far as the initial goal for the album to sound home-grown and carefree goes, it is already a success. With a relaxed attitude and myriad of subdued melodies, it shares a positive vibe and will surely set you in a good moon even on Monday morning.

“There are traces of Britpop’s cool factor and The Shangri-Las’ lilt and sway” one review said. Retro style back in favours of many, whether we welcome it or not. In this form though, it’s a pure joy.

For more information visit Wiretree’s official website – http://wiretreemusic.blogspot.co.uk/.

Big Coat (the first track off of Bouldin album)




W| By Kate Appelt @Kateappelt

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