Ben Holman’s Award Winning Documentary ‘The Good Fight’ shares the story of one man who through Boxing saves young people living in Rio’s favela’s

Ben Holman lived in Brazil for over 10 years and has been friends with Alan Duarte, the focus of this documentary for even longer. His award-winning film The Good Fight shares one man’s passion to help his community through boxing and give them something positive to focus on whilst living in a Gang war zone.  This must-see documentary took home the top prize at Tribeca Film Festival and many other film festivals.

The Good Fight follows Alan Duarte, who was born and lives in the notorious favela community of Complexo do Alemão in Rio de Janeiro who found salvation in boxing and encourages others in his community to take up the sport.

Alan’s family has been deeply affected by the ever present conflict in the community and he has lost ten close family members to gun violence. However, Alan has managed to define a different future for himself through boxing. But, after a tragic personal event, he decided that his own salvation wasn’t enough and so he began his own boxing project Abraço Campeão (Embracing Champions) to try and save others and build a brighter future for his son and the whole community.

Director Ben Holman started out in London as an advertising Art Director, before packing a camera on his back, starting Beija Films and setting out to film the world. He now divides his time between Rio De Janeiro and London, directing everything from commercials to feature doumentaries. Films include Walk it Home, about a blues band from Beirut and their pilgrimage to Mississippi, the upcoming Cuba in a Bottle, which tells the story of Cuba through the prism of Cuban Rum and This is Bate Bola, which explores the underground subculture of the Rio Carnival. The talented cinematographer Neirin Jones also worked on Blockbusters like Pirates of the Caribbean and James Bond – Skyfall.

This heartfelt story has been sweeping the boards at many high profile film festivals and the important message is getting out there, as Alan’s NGO Abraço Campeão now has enough funding to continue helping his community for a whole year, before filming the charity had no funding at all. Abraço Campeão uses both boxing and alternative education, alongside mentoring to provide a more holistic offering to the young people, as Alan believes that boxing alone is not enough.

The film will be shown at Kings College on the 31st January 2018 during their Brazil week.



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