I know as we are living and experiencing in this life, there are so many things that we would love to have in our possession; and we even consciously envy other people’s lives and wish that we were living their life. But what we all need to do is to learn how to appreciate what we already have. There’s a saying that I always see, and that is ‘Someone is praying for what you already have’. All that means is there is someone out there who is in an even more dire situation or circumstance than you and is wishing to have what you have—yet at the same time, what you have already doesn’t seem like it’s enough!

The practise of gratitude is an important part of this. In order to receive an abundance of blessings in your life; whether it be to change your job, re-train in a new career field, obtain a bigger or better car or to even go on your dream holiday. You must first appreciate exactly where you are now and what you are starting with.

We live in a world where we are constantly forced fed with information whether it be advertising or continual images of our favourite celebrities and it makes us not feel grateful for what we already possess. What we tend to do in life—though we may not even mean it, is that we are always seeking for more, and we tend not to bask in the essence of what we already have—we think about the future before we’ve even reached there, rather than living in the present.

Have you ever thought about everything that you have ever received? There are things that we take so lightly that people don’t even have—the ability to breathe—there are people that are living off of machines in order to be alive; having a roof over your head, as cliché as it may sound, but there are people who are crying and praying to have a house to call their own to live in because they have nowhere to stay; being able to walk, to move freely without any excess instruments—there are people on wheelchairs; not saying they are limited, but for the fact that you have the ability to walk with both of your legs, it so good to be grateful for the little things in life.

Be sure to reflect once in a while about your life and things that you already possess—you’ll find that there is so much in your life that you have.




W| By Diana Nortey                       @LadyDeevine

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