The one thing everyone knows, whether they’re an avid traveler or someone who boards on a plane once a year is that packing is a hassle. We look forward to the destination, and often the journey itself, but the prep process is always a drag. It’s time to put a stop to this misery, and hopefully, this simple guide will forever solve all the packing issues you’ve ever had, regardless of the season.

One trick for all seasons

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Whichever season is in question, a good carry-on always contains the same golden items. The first thing you absolutely must have are ear-plugs or noise-cancelling headphones. You never know who’s going to be sitting next to you, so it’s always best to pack these in order to have a pleasant and quiet flight. If there is time to sleep on the plane, a good old eye mask should also be on the list. Now, as planes tend to dehydrate the skin almost as soon as you board, a few hydrating necessities are in order. A travel-size face mist and a moisturizing face mask will save your skin like nothing else, so keep these with you always. A travel document holder is a must-have for every smart traveler as it helps keep everything in one place, nice and organized. Anti-bacterial wipes, a travel-size toothpaste and brush will do wonders for making you feel fresh and new, and aside from an extra outfit, you are good to go as far as your carry-on is concerned.


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Spring is one of the trickiest seasons in terms of packing since it does tend to play tricks on us. Now, the key here is to bring along pieces that work wonderfully alone but also when layered. Jeans are a definite must, but make sure to pack a pleated skirt and something along the lines of a slip dress. Garments like these look amazing when worn alone or with jeans, so you’ll use them either way. Blazers are your friend during spring because you can always take them off if it gets warm and still look fantastic in a simple tee and jeans. Bring and blanket-shawl with you just in case, as the shifty weather can turn on you, and when thrown over a trench coat or a biker jacket, this baby will keep you warm.

Summertime gladness

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Ok, now we’re talking. A great summer suitcase is the easiest thing to master as all the fabrics are light and take up little to no space. All you truly need is a couple of bathing suits (so pack a few empty Ziplocs just in case you need to pack a damp bikini on your way back), a designer kaftan or two –  these are great for a stylish beach look, but also super chic for having drinks at the beach bar and running around the hotel. Two pairs of shoes is all you need – simple summer tennis shoes for walks and wedges for the beach and beachy evenings. Keep a nice dress packed, as you never know when the opportunity to wear one will arise.

Winter wonderland

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The reason winter is challenging is due to the bulkier clothes that take up more room. The key here is to put the bulkiest items like your coat or jacket along with boots, sweater and shawl on you. Now, as far as the rest of your clothes go, pre-plan complete outfits consisting of items of similar styles so that you can mix and match with ease and create several outfits with just a few key pieces. Layering is key, so pack sweaters, shirts, tees in neutral hues that mesh well together. Roll your clothes instead of folding them – this is a true life-saver. Keep the shoes and purses in dust cloth bags to prevent them from touching the clothes. If you’re going away for a longer time period, put everything in vacuum storage bags – this is the ultimate long winter trip hack.

Sweet autumn

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The same trick applies to this season as well – clunky items are to be worn. Layer carefully, roll everything. Now, autumn can be unseasonably warm, so always make sure to bring some light clothes as well. Water-resistant ankle-boots are your best bet, as you never know when those autumn showers will catch you and the last thing you want is to walk around with wet feet.

Final touches

Always, without exception, bring your own skincare products as you never know if the hotel provides them nor if they’re suitable for your skin type. When it comes to makeup, pack strategically. Purchase one of those eye palettes like MAC has. These give you options without you having to pack several tubes of lipstick. Don’t bring a foundation in a glass bottle as this can easily be broken. One eye shadow palette is all you need, so bring your most versatile one. Mascara, mini size bronzer and highlighter and you’re done. Keep everything separate in little Ziplocs – in case one product spills or breaks the others will remain safe.



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