To celebrate International Women’s Day 2017, British music brand has teamed up with diverse musicians from over 20 countries to record themselves on their mobile phone in their natural surrounding saying GSTQ’s tagline ‘$EX $ELL$. Ask for your change’. This video is a protest against the sexualised image of the female that is present in universal media in the music industry.

The musicians, that come from countries such as Brazil, Singapore, Germany, Iceland, India, Nigeria and many more, have audiences in excess of 65 million on youtube and range from a variety of genre’s such as Sookee one of Berlin’s most popular rap artists, legendary Colombian Rock musician Andrea Echeverri, upcoming Canadian Electropop artist Kylo and representing the UK is Laura White, a former X-Factor finalist who has in recent years transformed her career independently, her latest EP ‘The Painted Door’ charting in the UK Top 40 and writing Rita Ora record ‘NY Raining’.

You can see more information about each woman featured on the website along with interviews with former Spanish pop star Belen Arjona who talks about being signed to a major record label at 13 and what she was asked to do as a woman in music that she didn’t feel comfortable with, and there is also an interview with Silver Rose from Mexico who gives her opinion on Donald Trump and how the fiasco is affecting Mexican music. More interviews will be released on in the coming weeks and you can stay up to date by following God Save The Queen on FB, Twitter and Instagram at @GSTQONLINE 

If you film yourself saying GSTQ’s tagline ‘Sex Sells. Ask For Your Change’ and tag one of their social media accounts, GSTQ will post the best up on their social media and those selected will receive a free copy of GSTQ’s debut film ‘God Save The Queen’ which stars Motown legend and one of fewer than 50 women in the ‘Rock and Roll Hall of fame’ Martha Reeves (Heatwave, Dancing In The Street, Nowhere To Run) appearing in the documentary feature on her 50th year anniversary alongside a cast of women who work behind the scenes in the British music industry such as songwriter Carla-Marie Williams (Beyonce – Freedom, Runnin)

GSTQ has also for women’s day released a bonus video on their Youtube that captured the march in London this last Sunday, where’s Benedetta Atti spoke exclusively with Emeli Sande as she was marching in solidarity.



Support real women in music and films and show your support by hashtagging #Askforyourchange and #GSTQ






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