There’s a reason more and more people are hiring interior designers these days. There are so many interior design secrets that can be used, and once your decor is complete, you have the space of your dreams! However, you don’t need to hire an interior designer. If you read on, you’ll be clued in on all of the interior design secrets you need to make all of your decor dreams come true:

Colour Is Everything

Colour is everything when it comes to interior design. Certain colours can literally change the entire mood of a room. Yellow can be cheery, but you need to bear in mind that it can be tiring for the eyes to look at. Blue can be chilled and tranquil, while green can give a nod to nature. What sort of mood do you want to create in your décor?

You also need to consider different shades of the colour you choose, and how they will look in the light source you have in a particular room. A colour in natural light will look different in artificial light, so it’s usually best to take samples home. Bear in mind that a light colour scheme will make a room appear more spacious, and dark will make it appear more cozy!

Make The Most Of Your Floor Space

Making the most of your floor space is pretty easy when you know what to do. You can use floating shelves and vertical storage as a way to display certain items, for example. Make sure you know your measurements well too, to avoid choosing ill fitting furniture.

Focus On The Right Type Of Lighting

The right type of lighting for each room in your home is essential. Consider how you use a room predominantly and then choose accordingly. The kitchen needs task lighting, while a dressing room needs natural lighting. You’ll need options for the bedroom and bathroom, as you’ll need bright light in some situations, and dim lighting in others.

Smart Storage Can Make A World Of Difference

Smart storage could make the world of difference to your home. You can get storage beds, storage ottomans, and so much more that helps your furniture to double up and become even more practical. A great idea if you’re short on space!

Don’t Clutter – Make Investments

Do not, under any circumstances, fill your decor with clutter. You might think you’re adding quirky pieces, but eventually, you’ll have too much going on visually. Instead, really think about everything you bring into the home, and aim to bring home investments that will last for years. This is especially important with things like artwork, furniture, and decorative accessories.

The Best Furniture Arrangement Probably Isn’t What You Think

Why do so many people think that they need to push their furniture against the wall? This creates a bad vibe in any room. Instead, pull your furniture away from the wall to create more of a flowing feel in any room. Don’t worry about spending a fortune on furniture; there are many contemporary affordable furniture options out there. You can use apps online to get the best arrangement suggestions for your home!

Consider Your Ceiling

This is the most neglected area of any room. Why not paint it, or add something special to it? This will be the detail that makes all the difference!


What will you do to your home?


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