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Themed-weddings are extremely pretty and unique! Period.

There are ‘n’ number of wedding themes around the world; depending on the creativity of the event planner or the love birds. Like there is no end to creativity, there is no end to themes for a wedding. Simple themes like Spring, Autumn or a Winter wedding to crazy ones like a superhero wedding or an anime wedding wedding, you can have the wedding of your dreams.

Elements To Beauty

The following are some major elements of a Winter-themed wedding:

  • Venue

Providing your guests a pleasant experience is everything that you aim for, which is why, finalising a convenient-to-reach and beautiful location is the first thing that you should do. Near the nature or a lake is one of the best places for a simple, winter wedding because the weather around it stays cool and the natural beauty enhances the look of your decor. Your venue needs to be easily accessible, amazingly designed and beautifully surrounded by the right elements that you need for your theme to look elegant and beautiful.

  • Services

How does a venue with qualified and educated staff sounds to you? Convenient, right? Yes it is!

No one wants to work on their wedding day because on this day, you want to be the centre of attraction of everything, you want to feel special and you want to feel free, which is why, it is important to finalise a venue where their is an experienced staff, who can take care of all your requirements as well as your guests’ requirements in the perfectly possible manner. You might be thinking of saving some bucks and doing it all by yourself, but don’t. Feel special and treat yourself in a special manner, by hiring a team of professionals and make them do all the work, while you and your guests feel the deserving royalty .

A themed-wedding requires a professional touch for the decor and other services, so hire a staff who understands your wedding theme and enjoy your big day.

  • Entertainment

Entertainment was earlier mostly overlooked, but not anymore! It is one of the most important elements of a wedding, especially a themed one because it adds to the authenticity and beauty of the theme. Hiring a wedding DJ or any other type of performers to enhance the fun of your wedding shall be on top of your priority list because you don’t want your guests to get bored on your special day.

A Winter themed-wedding calls for a soothing, calm music to elevate the overall feel of the decor and the beautiful day.

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  • Decor

It is the most important element of a themed-wedding because it is what makes your theme look authentic and interesting. People spend a lot on decor because they think money is what it needs, but that’s not the case. You can spend in your budget and still have your dream theme by being resourceful and creative.

A Winter-themed wedding does not need a lot of decor because Winter in itself is a beautiful season. You can add twinkly stars and a colour theme of greyish-white/black to everything else and there is it, a beautifully decorated themed-wedding. Be creative to be economical!

  • Food

The theme does not hamper the food items much, but it does modify the look of all items because it needs to match your theme. Similar to the colour theme of your wedding, the presentation of the food needs to be managed. The wedding cake also needs to match the theme, simultaneously expressing how your true nature is. A wedding cake can be as beautiful as you want, so choose a design that matches your taste and also complements the decor of the venue.


Wedding is in itself a beautiful day, making it more pretty with an amazing theme.




W| By Caitlyn Bell

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