Inspire LS Music officially unveils the anticipated release of debut compilation entitled “Music Matters Vol. 1” which masterfully emcompasses a broad talent-laden range of independent recording artists from around the world.

Three-time award-winning and Future 100 certified publication In-spire LS Magazine’s “Music Matters Vol. 1” firmly stands tall on its very own merit as an undeniably authentic 25 track offering strongly underpinned with a stunningly diverse spectrum intertwining pop, R&B and hip-hop music, whereas the captivating aura of the record unmistakably transports avid listeners on a musical journey where laid-back, breezy numbers and certifiable energetic club bangers invariably define “Music Matters Vol. 1”.

“Music Matters Vol. 1” unequivocally ushers In-spire LS Magazine’s ever-growing music division to the destination and hotbed where independent music wholeheartedly matters. The multi-talented acts spotlighted on the impressive inaugural statement from In-spire LS Music deliver on full promise and remain as 2016’s independent recording artists to watch. In-spire LS Music is the destination where music matters. The future is now.

1. Levantay – Beautiful
2. Chelsea Perkins – Chess Piece
3. A+A – Believe In Good Girls

4. Skai – Coffee
5. M.A.V – Back Room
6. Venomiss – Ocean

7. Lihot – Broken Record
8. Malynda Hale – Pieces of Me
9. Absoloot – I Try
10. Rezz – 1,000 Miles Away

11. Tony Savo – Big City
12. Major D-Star – Rather Be
13. G2 – Lay Your Back Down

14. Razor – Stay Away
15. Rain Freedom – The Big Tall Wish
16. Kay O x Tevyn J – Change
17. B.A.S.E – Ride Wit’ Me

18. Boogie Byrd – Way More
19. Flip Major – Throw Bandz (Sam’s)
20. KCane and MarkCo – Let Her Werk It

21. Mr. Red CEO – Plug
22. Evan Evans – Dream Job
23. Ill-Iteracy – Kingdom

24. T-Zank – Patience
25. Keith B – Fast Lane

In-spire LS Music “Music Matters Vol. 1” (Stream)

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