Everyone is going green. In fact, living an eco-friendly lifestyle is hip and fashionable today. As much as we care about fashion we also care about health. Your health, your family’s health, our health, in short we care about everyone’s health. Besides being concerned about the health and well-being of the people on this planet, we are also concerned about the other inhabitants of this planet and the Earth as a whole.

This is why we decided to inform you of the ways you can start living a green life at home and become a part of the ever growing movement to sustain our lifestyles in an eco-friendly way. We realize, big changes like adding solar panels to your home might cost more money than you were looking to spend, that’s why we’ve found all these other ways you can make a big impact in your home.

The Importance of Being Green

Before we get into the how it’s important to understand the why. Converting your home, to the best of your ability, to green energies and ways of living is beneficial in a multitude of ways. Not only will you be freeing your home of toxics and possibly harmful chemicals, you will also be reducing the amount of waste and chemicals.

Sure, you might be asking yourself, “What impact could one person possibly have?” A huge impact in reality. When you make a conscious choice to live a green life you set an examples for others. You children will grow up in a household that values eco-friendly practices and they will take that with them when they move out to have families of their own. Neighbors and friends will learn about green living through you and they might adopt some themselves.

We all have a greater impact and influence on our community and world as a whole than we are led to believe at times. Lead by example by starting with some of the suggestions we listed below.

Use Less Electricity

Sure, this might seem obvious but there are non-obvious ways in which you can diminish your use of electricity. Do you have an electric coffee maker? Change it out for a French press. Do you keep your appliances plugged in when you aren’t using them? This practice might not waste electricity in the same sense as leaving the lights on but leaving plugs in the sockets when an appliance is docile is wasting electricity all the same.

Do you use a snow blower? If you have a smaller amount of land to clear try using a shovel. Of course, if you have a sizable amount of property using a snow blower might be best, like these by Husqvarna. How about your lawn mower? You can use an old fashioned electric free reel or rotary mower to lessen your use of gasoline and electricity.

Heat It Naturally

Opening the curtains and letting the sun come into your home is a great way to reduce your energy usage at home. The sun will heat your home for much less than the local gas company and an added bonus will be the fact that your bill won’t be as expensive every month.

Another way to avoid turning the heat up too high, which costs a great deal and uses a ton of energy, is to cuddle. If you have a dog, let her sleep with you. Cuddling with another living thing is a great way to get rid of that cold feeling at night.

Start a Garden

White Vinegar

Cleaning supplies have chemicals, particularly the ones that you buy in the grocery store. Some say they are green, and they very well may be but, just as with the produce you purchase, you really don’t know what is in something unless you make it yourself.

White vinegar is a great resource when it comes to cleaning your house. Just dilute it with water, about 50/50, and go crazy. You can use white vinegar to clean your floors, surfaces, windows, and mirrors. Not only will it kill germs, bacteria, and mold, when you dump it down the sink, you won’t be adding any toxic or harmful chemicals into the Earth.


These are just a few of the simple ways you can create an eco-friendly home. Other ways are to fix any leaky pipes in your home, keep houseplants to purify the air, and change your light-bulbs to the energy efficient kind. Before you know it, you will feel good about your place of residence and all that you’re doing to help keep the planet green.




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