A person’s bedroom is the one space they can relax and completely be one with all of their fantasies and desires. But sometimes, the space you have isn’t exactly the biggest. Maybe you’re a college student in their first dorm room or a working professional renting a new apartment. How can you make the most of a small bedroom and suit your personality at the same time? It can actually be pretty simple if you execute the following tips for maximizing a small space with a thought-out floor plan and storage solutions!

The Focal Point of the Room: The Bed

The one object in a bedroom that always catches a person’s eye is the bed. The place where safety and contentment is only seconds away, when you are snuggled down in the covers. When the bedroom is a smaller space, look for a bed that offers comfort and support while providing more than one purpose. Bed frames that have built in storage shelves either in the headboard or underneath is key! You can choose a style of bed that offers a hanging headboard or one that has a dual desk and footboard. Choose a size of a bed that provides comfort while fitting in the room with space to spare.

The mattress that you purchase should also be one that can provide comfort along with the physical support needed for a well-rested body and mind. A mattress that also provides easy cleaning options and parasite control, like the Nectar mattress, is always a safe bet. These mattresses have a material that is bedbug resistant while offering air circulation; guaranteed!

Utilize Baskets or Tables!

Wicker storage containers that provide decoration and storage can be one of the greatest objects purchased for a small bedroom. Baskets that will fit under a table or within the closet shelves can provide ample storage space and look pleasing to the eye. These baskets are generally designed to have a cloth covering inside, preventing little stems of the material from setting up shop in your belongings. Wicker tables with built in shelves are also available at most department stores, providing a variety of storage sizes for objects such as undergarments, beauty products or random things that a person tends to collect over time!

If you need a desk in your bedroom, use one that offers a decent height from the floor and multiple storage options. If the desk sits a fair height off the floor, you can use wicker baskets that slide underneath. This can also provide a double duty option and second as a footstool!

Pop the Color!

Add visual space with pops of bright colors on the walls or bed. Using artwork utilizes the space on the walls and provides a cheery environment to add to the sense of contentment one finds in their bedroom.

If artwork doesn’t suit your personality or you want a more functional item taking up the space on your wall, install a hanging or floating shelf. These shelves come in a variety of sizes, in both height and width and can be used for your personal pictures or souvenirs, freeing up space on your desk or headboard.


Hang Out! Think of Ceiling Space

Another great option to explore while decorating a small bedroom is to think outside the box in terms of ceiling space. Use hanging baskets or hang your lamp from the ceiling is an option that provide practical function and pops of color. Using the vertical space in the room frees up floor space for bigger objects like the furniture.

Organized Closets!

Use closet organizers to utilize space or hang a curtain to section off a corner of the room if you are not equipped with a built-in closet to maximize space. Vacuum-sealing clothing or shoes that are not in season to be easily stored under the bed or on a shelf is also a great idea and an option at most dry cleaners or laundromats.

Let There Be Light!

A well-lit bedroom can seem bigger than it actually is in cubic size. Taking advantage of the natural light can eliminate the need for lamps or multiple light sources. Use flowy curtains in a light color to prevent light-blocking and install blackout shades for nighttime or privacy when needed. You can also use a frosted film on your window to insure privacy or block a less than desirable view.




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