When people decide to buy a house, there is a long debate about whether new or old builds are better. Some people love the look and feel of a new build. Some people prefer the character of an old. So when you are making such a big decision such as buying a house, it’s important to keep in mind all the factors to do with both of them. They both have their pros and cons as some of you will know. But what are the reasons that keep people so undecided? Well, this article is going to explore both sides of the coin, and hopefully give you a bit of a helping hand in deciding which one is going to be right for you.

New Build

New builds just look really good. The move into new builds seems to be a lot easier than old. A lot of them come with fully furnished kitchens, so there’s less to buy in the long run. Anything you do need to move you can go through companies such as Shiply to get some comparison rates from different companies. They’re fresh, you know the design is going to be really modern, and you know you’re going to be in an up and coming area. Plus, in the first few years you’re rarely ever going to have to do any maintenance, and if you are it’s going to either be very small, or the company that built the homes will most likely provide you with the money to make the fix if it’s a large job. However, the thing with new builds is they’re susceptible to wall rot. They’re left open topped for so long, and the walls become damp, especially due to British weather. A lot of new builds have this issues, and it can lead to bugs growing in the wall and the house inhabitable. It’s a nightmare, especially if the new build is your first home. However, that modern look is something everyone craves.

Old Build

Older homes don’t necessarily need to be old. They can still look fairly modern, it’s just that homes of around 10 years or older are classified as old. But, they do come with a lot more character, and the designs are bigger than some new builds today. You can get a lot more for your money, and there’s more opportunity to live in more remote places if you wish to. There is however, more chance of picking a home that’s been a bit neglected over the years. Just like with new builds, old builds can be susceptible to damp etc. This is so hard to spot when you’re just looking around the house, and there’s no builders guarantee to fall back on. It can be an expensive gamble. But some really old builds are amazing for giving things that a new build just can’t give.


Both are equally as good, and both have similar pros and cons. The battle between wanting a new or old build will go on for years to come, but which one will you decide?




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