Your household should feel like a miniature paradise, and here’s why: you might not have control over anywhere else in the world, but you do have control over this tiny little space that you call home. Why waste that? This should be a peaceful place to which you can retreat after a stressful day at work. The same goes for the rest of your family, whatever kind of day they’ve had. Your house needs to be a comfortable and welcoming place. Here’s some advice on making your home’s design feel peaceful.Enlarge your home.

You could interpret this in many different ways. Sure, you might want to build a conservatory to give your home that extension you’ve always wanted, but there are simpler ways to enlarge your home. Think about the space you already have available. Decluttering is a good place to start, but you might want to look at rooms that you’re not using for anything other than storing junk. Your garage or attic, for example, could be converted into brand new living space. You could create an entertainment room for the family. Enlarging your home is all about making better use of your existing space.Switch up the colour theme and lighting.

Colours and lighting are two very important aspects of interior design. You might have a home with a beautiful layout and all the contemporary pieces you could hope to have, but something still isn’t right. If that’s the case then you might want to think about switching up the colours you’re using and the lighting style of the house. The goal is to make your home feel bright, warm, and inviting. You should be utilising natural daylight to add something to your home. That’s why neutral colours, such as white, are so powerful. Give your walls a fresh coat of white paint and you’ll see that rooms instantly start to feel bolder and more vibrant. The little details are important too. White blinds could make a difference, as they’ll ensure that rooms never enter total blackout. You could even check out these luxurious white Richard Haworth tablecloths if you want to add some class to your dining room.


Obviously, you don’t have to drench your home in whiteness. You’ll want to throw other colours into the mix to ensure that your interior design doesn’t become bland and lifeless. The point is simply that using the correct colours in the correct places could transform the way that light works in your house. Of course, you also need to think about the artificial lighting in your house because you won’t be able to use sunlight all day. The key to artificial lighting is to feel the mood of the room. Harsh bright lighting works in kitchens or above any desk in offices and bedrooms, but it doesn’t work well in other rooms of the house. You want a warm and cosy environment in the living room, so you should use warmer lamps with an orange or yellow glow. Keep things soft in “relaxation zones”. Layers of lighting are also important, so make sure that you add extra light to focal points of a room. You might want to add an extra layer of light over kitchen countertops, for instance.

Love your garden.

Your garden isn’t a patch of grass – it’s an outdoor room. If you want your home to have a peaceful design then you need to apply that idea to your garden. You need to love this space and treat it with care so that you can create an outdoor area that becomes a great space to hold parties or gatherings with friends. You should get some comfortable furniture so that you can all relax together when you’re having BBQs in the height of summer. That’s the key to a peaceful home.



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