Moving a household is no easy endeavour as anyone who has ever done it knows. There are some things you must take along and others you can do without, but how can you know which will fit in the van and which you’ll struggle to carry along? Actually, a few well-placed tips can help you move relatively hassle free, although you may need to make more than one trip, depending on the size van you hire.

Why Not Hire a Removal Company?

Although you will need to do some heavy lifting from time to time throughout the move, most people opt to hire a moving van because it is much less expensive than paying a removal company. Also, you are in charge of every last item you pack on that van which means you can safely transport any precious and breakable objects without worry as to their safety.

Using a hired moving van can also enable you to easily work at your own pace. When you hire a removal company you understand that the workers are paid a wage, and so the longer it takes to make the move, the more you will be paying. If you are looking for cheap van hire Birmingham, take a look at Empire Van Hire and browse the various sizes available for your move. Packing depends on the amount of room you have available inside the van.

Tip #1: Mind the size van you hire. Your move depends on having room for your larger furniture and boxes.

Breakables in Sturdy Boxes with Plenty of Padding

One thing you absolutely must do when moving a household is to keep all your breakables separate. Pack these securely in heavy duty boxes that can hold weight without the bottom crashing out. Some families choose to pack towels and linens around china and vases while others choose to purchase bubble wrap to ensure extra padding so nothing gets chipped bouncing around in the box.

Tip #2: Pad breakables well in a heavy-duty box and keep them separate from other items you are packing.

Visibly Label All Boxes and Crates

If you’ve ever moved before, you know the job doesn’t end once you have all your items at your new home. Upon arrival you are tired and hungry. The only thing you can think of is fixing a nice, hot cup of coffee or tea to enjoy with a sandwich before tackling the unloading. Unfortunately, you can’t remember which box you packed the coffee pot in and you certainly can’t remember which crate full of breakables your cups are in.

If you had taken the time to label each box visibly, you would not have this problem. Some families print out a list of what’s inside the box, a sort of inventory sheet, which they staple to the outside of the crate. This enables them to quickly scan the contents to see if what they need in the moment is in that box.

Tip #3: Label all boxes so that you can unpack as needed at your new destination. A packing list also helps keep things organised.

The key to a successful move is to ensure safe packing and a way to know the whereabouts of items you’ve packed away. If you can manage this, you should be able to enjoy a relatively stress-free move with everything in good condition upon arrival.




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