Are you tired of your boring old bathroom? Are thoughts of renovation and re-decoration plaguing your mind? Before you go out to buy new accessories and take the first steps towards your new bathroom, you should do a bit of research to see the latest trends. You might not want to transform your bathroom into a high-tech wonder, but perhaps you’ll find something you will fall in love with. Luxurious baths, modern cabinets, and ‘unexpected’ tiles are popular for a reason, and they might find a way into your renovated bathroom too.

Stylish and practical storage

One thing we can’t get enough of in any room in the house is available storage space. Luckily, interior designers have recognized this need, and today, you can easily multiply the storage space you already have by optimizing it. Instead of bringing in more shelves and cabinets, you can add dividers and compartments in drawers, shelves, and cabinets. Simple modular furniture that has straight lines is very popular, as are the self-supporting vanities. Those who have small bathrooms should try hiding the storage in order to create an impression of a bigger space because the less clutter you have, the bigger the space appears.

Wood forever

Wood is a very popular material, but even though people use it all over the household, they still hesitate to bring it into bathrooms. The atmosphere will be instantly warmer with wood cabinets or some other made-to-measure pieces of furniture. If you’re a fan of Scandinavian-inspired minimalism and simplicity, you should consider getting white for the wash basin or even hardwood floors. On the other hand, those who are looking for more environmentally-friendly options should pick bamboo. Wood absorbs moisture well which makes it a good choice for bathrooms, but leaving any water on it for longer periods of time will make it deteriorate rapidly.

Option one – baths

For decades now, baths have been neglected because showers have been considered more practical. Well, it was time baths made a comeback, and with a variety of designs and materials available, it’s no wonder people started picking baths more. Not only are they more comfortable and spacious, but they can also easily fit into modern or traditional bathrooms. For people with smaller bathrooms, there are also small stone baths that will blend seamlessly with any décor or theme. There are many shapes to choose from too: rectangular, oval, round, square, or even asymmetrical, and you will have no problem finding something that’s going to be perfect for your bathroom.

Option two – showers

Even though baths have become more popular, showers are still considered more practical, especially if you have a small bathroom. However, it seems that showers have also undergone a few transformations and improvements over the years, and now more people want an open shower instead of a traditional one. There are also great multi-functional showers on the market so you can have a bench, linear drain, an ambient anti-fog mirror, and a steam system integrated if you want. There are also innovative ideas for soap and gel distributors: you can have them installed in the wall to save space instead of keeping them on the shelves.

Beloved marble

Marble has been popular for decades in a number of upscale homes not only because it’s luxurious, but because it can be cut and shaped in a myriad of innovative ways. A lot of modern bathrooms use straight line design marble that’s richly veined no matter if it’s light or dark and it makes a truly artistic statement. While the material certainly screams ‘decadence’ and ‘luxury’, you don’t have to go over the top with the rest of the bathroom décor: simple brass fixtures, single-colored fluffy bath mats, and industrial-style light fixtures will make the room seem elegant but not too cold.

All eyes on tiles

While we mostly choose tiles because they’re practical, this year we’re focusing on more than just functionality. It’s simple: big floor tiles can make a bathroom appear bigger but it also means that there will be fewer joints which accumulate dust. If you’re a fan of vintage style, you’ll love geometrically-shaped tiles with colors that vary from white and beige to violet. Those of you who are in love with fantasy will also fall in love with iridescent tiles that will turn your bathroom into a fairy tale. Another surprise comes in the form of fish scale tiles which will help you channel your inner mermaid.

Once you start thinking about bathroom renovation, you will realize that the possibilities are practically unlimited. New trends can be exciting or boring, but you can combine them in such a way that you get the result you’ll love. With so many possible bathroom projects you can immerse yourself into, you will never be bored, and if you take time to prepare and carefully plan your moves, you will end up with a state-of-the-art bathroom everyone will love.



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