Running low on motivation? Think of summer.

It hurts. You’re tired. You’re too sore. It’s too early. The gym plays rubbish music. You hate getting sweaty. You feel ridiculous and uncomfortable dressed in gym clothes. You feel fat working out next to all the skinny, fit people in that packed gym class. Is everything you’re working towards making a difference?

Go ahead; add your reason to quit working out to the list. You set a goal to get fit, lose weight and improve your health three months ago on New Year’s Day and now we are technically three months away till summer. This is when your workouts starts to feel long and boring and feels so hard.

Want to still keep working on fitness goals? Want to keep it up long enough to see actual results and really change your life? How? How do you finally keep your eyes on the goal?


Having a fitness pal can be positive, but it’s actually not for everybody. How do you know if it would be a good thing for you?

Well, if your fitness friend outperformed you, would you: a) feel discouraged and quit working out? b) feel competitive and try to get the upper hand by the next workout? c) not even notice?

If you chose b or c, go get a workout buddy. If you chose a, keep working out solo. Having a partner keeps you accountable and gives you the additional motivation to keep working out. If that is not enough, you can always ask your friends to publically shame you on social media if you fail to go to the gym; true story, this actually worked for someone I know.


Just say for example, that the goal is to lose 15 pounds. When you step on the scale, will it inspire you to work harder? Or will it remind you how far you have yet to go? If standing on the scales every day motivates you to get fitter then by all means, step on it. But if on the other hand it leaves you feel discouraged, then for Pete’s sake, stop doing it. Instead focus on what you have to do to achieve your goal; exercise and eat better.


Real results come when you execute your plan over a long term. Soon you will even come close to enjoying it, like me. When that happens and believe me it will, goal or no goal, you’ll keep doing it.






W | By Lola Ekosanmi                                                  @FatToThickFit

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