When you go to the doctor, he and she will prescribe you a medicine on a prescription slip that will direct your prescription to an NHS pharmacy most of the time. Of course, this is understandable as the British healthcare system is free at the point of use. However, currently, adults in England must pay for their medicines over the counter in accordance with the price which is set by the government. However, these prices can be too high, especially for people with chronic illnesses. Although there are financially beneficial plans which allow repeat prescriptions over the course of a year, to be more affordable, sometimes this just isn’t enough. Taking nothing away from the NHS, because the service is absolutely free at the point of use, with no need to buy anything, it still can be too much for some people depending on their disposable income. There are other ways in which you can treat yourself at home, especially for illnesses that come about with seasonal changes. For other conditions, there are options to buy medicines from other sources, other than through the NHS.

Search online for common symptoms

Great Britain is notorious for colds and flu. If you have children especially, they are very prone to the cold weather. It can be very tempting to go to your local GP and just make sure your fever and stuffy, blocked sinuses are purely routine shifts in the immune system. However, there is so much you can do on your own, that going to the doctor, without first researching what you might have, will seem very needless and a waste of time. You can search online, for your symptoms, and slowly narrow down what you might have. The common signs of the flu are in fact listed on the NHS website itself. There are distinctive rifts between different kinds of flu. The stomach flu, is not necessarily connected with influenza A. in fact, your symptoms may be related, but the effects will be incredibly different because the stomach flu will cause excessive vomiting, while the flu that attacks purely your sinuses, will cause excessive sneezing. Always check online, and search for your symptoms in a very focused way, to pinpoint what you potentially might have. You can then go to any local pharmacy, whether NHS or independent stores and buy the recommended medicine.

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Taking more control of your medicine

Most of the time, when you use the NHS, and the doctor gives you a prescription, what they’re doing is giving you one form of the medicine. In actual fact, there are many different drugs, which have the same purpose and in the same field of treating certain symptoms. Let’s not forget that the pharmaceutical industry is a business, and therefore multiple companies will make different drugs for the same illness. Their routes of treatment may be different but hold the same aim. If you have specific conditions, like hair loss, erectile dysfunction or malaria, you might only be given certain medicines that the NHS has given the okay. However, you can compare prices from online pharmacies, which also have viable and certified medicines to treat these conditions. By comparing the prices, you may find that you have a more affordable option, which also provides you with the same effectiveness as the more expensive medicine. This may also give you more control over your health care and give you more financial security due to lower expenditures to maintain your health.

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Go for a second opinion

Here in the UK, we become accustomed to trusting our doctors and forming a relationship. Of course, you should trust an expert and not override their decision making as if you know better. In special circumstances, if you have been suffering from an illness or condition, and don’t feel that all the prescriptions and methods of treatment you’ve been given and ordered to do, have helped you to the extent that you’re physically better, it’s time to go beyond. You can go for a second opinion at any of your local walk-in clinics and get seen on the day. You may also want to book an appointment with a different doctor at your local GP and bypass the individual doctor who you feel hasn’t given you the result you want. To go even further, you can opt to change service and register yourself with another surgery altogether completely. You might find a better set of expertise, which can give you the care you need this way. Equally, you can ask to be recommended to a specialist in the field of your particular illness. This would mean, going to a hospital for a check-up and going forward from there.

Never settle for prescriptions and care or lack of, that you’re getting from anywhere. If you feel that you want to take more control over your health, search online for other medicines. Never feel as if you have to take the word of just one doctor. We’re all human, and so are doctors; therefore they can make mistakes or not perform up to par.




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