According to some estimated statistics recently, there is about 80 percent of adults experience chronic symptoms of lower-back pain sometimes in their lives, and about 31 million Americans suffer from this condition at any time.

Do you find yourself in them? If yes, refer these treatments, which may help you relieve your ache. Only some easy lifestyle changes may save you from discomfort. Learn how to live more healthily can increase your back strength and alleviate your pain.


Lose your weight

Overweight can have a negative effect on your body. The more fat your belly is, the more strain your back must suffer.

Take some steps to be fit. Firstly, you should do more exercises and reduce calorie amount in your diet. Secondly, you should also have a meeting with your doctor so that you can follow a safe and healthy diet.

Get some low-impact exercise

Exercise may be the best thing to do when you are in ache. But regular physical activity is really helpful to a healthy back.

Let’s keep your activities done in a routine. Sleep, work or walk with your dog. If you are feeling better, aerobic exercises such as walking, swimming and bicycling can make your back and you more flexible. Just do not overdo it. There is no reason for a marathon if you have a painful back.

Sleep smartly

Proper backbone alignment is certainly crucial not only when you are sitting at your desk or watching TV but also when you are sleeping.

Try to sleep horizontally in a comfortable fetal position with your bent knees. Put a small cushion under your neck, which will keep your backbone in alignment. Another cushion should be put between your legs in order to stop your top leg sliding forward and turning your lower back as you sleep.


Don’t attach yourself to your chair whole day. Escape it by standing up every 20 minutes and stretching your body in restful ways.

Also, remember to stretch your legs. A few people find it effective to their back pain when they do a regular stretching routine, like yoga.

Hot and cold packs

Take the heat as a good example. When people have first suffered from the back pain and they want to relieve it immediately, they usually use a hot water bottle or a hot bath to put on the painful area.

Besides, a bag of frozen vegetables or an ice pack is also helpful in the short time. Nevertheless, you mustn’t put the ice on your skin in a direct way to avoid a cold burn. Wrap bag of frozen vegetables or an ice pack in a cloth first.

Another preference is to keep changing from hot (a hot water bottle) to cold (ice packs) and back again. People can buy hot and cold compression packs at most drugstores.

Relax and stay positive

Stop worrying about your condition and try to relax so that the pain which muscle tension causes will be lost.

It can be challenging, but it is certainly effective if you stay optimistic and think that your pain will get better soon because there are a large number of people with positive thoughts tending to recover quicker.

Put the low heels on yourselves. Reduce your 4-inch pumps into low heels (less than 1 inch) or even flats. High heels may increase pressure on your lower spine and create a more unstable posture.

Reconsider what is suitable mattress

Many recent researches have pointed that sleeping on the medium-firm mattress will help alleviate lower back pain better than sleeping on firm beds. There’s no fast-and-hard rule as for replacing yours. You should get a new mattress if your current one is over 6- 8 years of age or is sagging greatly.

Use back massager

One of the most common choices for relieving lower back pain is back massager at home. Some medicines used for back pain can only have a temporary effect. The back massagers for pain relief can be regarded as a kind of alternate means for these since you don’t need to use any medicine. Not only does it ease the pain of our muscle, joints as well as back pain, but it also helps to reduce depression and stress.

Many studies which have been carried out on the lower back pain relief say that the massage therapy is one of the top remedies for healing the lower back pain. Massage is a useful treatment for stiffness and pain in the body.

Think about the little things

Consider some good movements to protect your back. Specifically,

  • Don’t put too many heavy items in your suitcase, bag or purse,
  • Always wear the backpack on both shoulders, not on one side,
  • when you’re picking up objects, always bend at your knees

It may help to add some gentle stretching to your evening and morning routine. A few changes in your day-to-day habits and lifestyle would make your back stronger and healthier.




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