Curly hair is the thing if you haven’t noticed as since we rock straight hair (wigs to be exact!) we called on curly hair blogger and designer Naomi Louise from to review the latest shampoo and conditioner from Shea Moisture.


This is a creamy and nourishing shampoo with a subtle smell. It doesn’t later up very much, which is to be expected due to having no sulfates, but it works really well. It left my hair feeling nourished and clean without feeling striped of my naturals oils.


When I pumped the conditioner into my hand I was sceptical as it was quite watery, but don’t let that mislead you as a small amount covers a lot of the hair, and due to its great slip, it’s perfect for detangling. After rinsing, my curls were so soft and had a stunning lustre. It really helps control frizz, the smell is nice and subtle, and the pump bottle is handy.


This was one of my favourite products from the range and is to be used on damp/towel dried hair. Again, the smell was subtle but sweet. It’s thick and creamy so not much is needed especially on the roots as it can be heavy, therefore weighing down curls giving less volume. It gives great definition and shine but keeps the curls full and bouncy. You only need a small amount for it to be effective.
*Tip: be sure to shake the bottle before use as the oil separates.


This product is extremely rich and has the strongest smell from the range so could be overpowering if too much is used, but due to its density, only a small amount is required. It really defines curls and gives a nice shine and can be used on wet or dry hair. I would recommend using it gradually, especially if you prefer bouncy curls, as too much of this will leave curls limp and greasy looking.



This gel is heavy and has a very strong fragrance. It’s quite tacky with a gritty feel to it but this does disappear on application. It’s great for preventing frizz and any fly-away hairs, but it didn’t give the bouncy effect I like as it leaves an oil coating, so think it would work best for very thick hair.

Overall, I absolutely loved this brand and would highly recommend you try it too if you’re serious about maintaining and developing your curls.


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W | By Naomi Louise                                             I | Taken by Naomi Louise for In-spire LS – All Rights Reserved

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